Bachelor In Paradise Suspends Production Indefinitely After Investigation Is Launched

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ABC's dating spinoff Bachelor In Paradise has suspended production indefinitely on Season 4, following the launch of investigation into some alleged misconduct that has some fans speculating what could have led to such a drastic measure, and what it could mean for the show's future. While Warner Bros. has yet to offer details behind the cause of the investigation, which is rumored to be looking into acts of a sexual nature, the company has released a statement that you can read below before diving into the saltier rumors.

We have become aware of allegations of misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico. We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations. Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action.

Bachelor In Paradise was originally set to air Season 4 starting on August 8th, but the show is now on hold indefinitely, and some reports have alleged sexual misconduct took place between contestant DeMario Jackson and another female contestant. Again, none of this is confirmed, but TMZ reports that Jackson and a female contestant, allegedly The Bachelor's headline-making Corinne Olympios, were called in by an executive producer after another producer felt uncomfortable with footage of the two in a hotel pool. The cameras caught a very drunk Jackson getting very hands-on with Olympios, who was also highly intoxicated, and she reportedly rubbed her genitals in his face, inciting oral sex.

This is just one version of the alleged incident, though, and it's the biggest point of contention regarding the concrete details of what occurred in this pool. Current speculation is that at least one producer questioned whether or not Olympios was sober enough to sufficiently consent to anything going down with Jackson in the pool. DeMario reportedly claimed he and Olympios were on good terms the next day without any problems. Whatever happened, it appears that cameras were rolling for Bachelor In Paradise, so they will hopefully uncover the truth behind what actually happened.

Deadline says suspicion regarding the show first arose when an Instagram post from a supposed fan of The Bachelor, "AprilAnnStyles," showed a majority of the cast members from Bachelor In Paradise all gathered at an airport, instead of the gorgeous filming locations. Seen below, the post came out prior to Warner Bros.' statement, and was later edited to feature hashtags such as #thankscorrine and #RIPBIP. The first hashtag appears to allude to contestant Corinne Olympios, bringing more weight to the rumors that the shutdown was caused by her and DeMario Jackson. Warner Bros has not commented on the validity of the rumors that have surfaced.

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It looks like Bachelor In Paradise will not make its premiere date of August 8th, if any portion of Season 4 even airs at all. The Bachelorette typically would air on ABC tonight at 8 p.m. ET, but this week's episode has been postponed. For more on shows airing this summer, be sure to visit our summer premiere guide for all show premieres. Those who are currently wondering when shows are soon ending can visit our finale guide to get an idea.

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