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America's Got Talent has seen a lot of death defying acts over the years, and one of the show's most recent such acts delivered a performance tonight that shocked the audience and the judges by the time it came to a close. Take a look.

Um, OK, I'm sorry, but...WHAT. THE. FUCK. Like, really, is this what people in England actually do for fun in their downtime? They're not just drinking tea? They're flinging their sisters around and then throwing them off stages? I would say that this performance is making it less likely that I would ever travel to the country, lest I get in someone's way as they rehearse in front of the Tower of London or some such, but it might actually turn out to be the most entertaining trip ever if Billy & Emily England are any indication.

In case you didn't notice, brother and sister roller skating duo Billy & Emily England are what's typically known as a danger act. The two have wowed judges and audiences since their first appearance on America's Got Talent with what must be the most exciting roller skating performances since roller skates were invented. Billy and Emily, who are, indeed, from England, originally auditioned for Season 9 of Britain's Got Talent, but were eliminated in the semifinals. As of this week, they have once again found themselves in the semifinals, this time for Season 12 of AGT. And, as you can see, they are pulling out every trick they can think of to make sure they advance to the next round.

The routine starts easily enough, with the athletic (and possibly insane) siblings skating in simple circles on the round platform they always use for their performances. Their dragon-themed act quickly takes off, though, with them picking up speed and Billy grabbing Emily's leg so he can begin to fling her about as she does a wide variety of splits and other things with her legs that I don't even really know what to call. As if the speedy acrobatics weren't enough, the fake dragon and fire pits to the side of the stage spew fire balls intermittently to keep us wondering whether or not Emily (with her hair outrageously unbound) will be set ablaze.

Of course, the real stunner in this performance is the ending. The duo usually comes to a much more traditional stop when they're done, but they decided to turn things up tonight by having Billy just hurl his damn sister right off the platform and out of sight. Everyone was stunned, and not entirely sure that this was on purpose (even as Billy posed triumphantly) until Emily finally emerged from behind the stage.

Well, America's Got Talent has some fantastic acts this season, but one would think that Billy & Emily England are the ones to beat after that serious WTF ending to an already electrifying performance. You can find out who made it through on NBC tomorrow night at 7 p.m. CST, and the competition will continue next Tuesday, September 12, at the same time.