Full Dancing With The Stars Lineup Includes Frankie Muniz, Debbie Gibson And More

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A new fall TV season means a lot of different things for a lot of different people, but for everybody out there who has been dying to see former Malcolm and the Middle star Frankie Muniz or '80s pop queen Debbie Gibson doing the Charleston, fall TV means a new season of Dancing with the Stars. The full line-up of stars and pros for Season 25 was revealed this morning, and we've got the usual suspects of TV stars, musicians, athletes and more. Check out the rundown below, and then let's talk about some of these standout additions to Dancing with the Stars.

Barbara Corcoran with Keo MotsepeDebbie Gibson with Alan BerstenDerek Fisher with Sharna BurgessDrew Scott with Emma SlateFrankie Muniz with Witney CarsonJordan Fisher with Lindsay ArnoldLindsey Stirling with Mark BallasNick Lachey with Peta MurgatroydNikki Bella with Artem ChigvintsevSasha Pieterse with Gleb SavchenkoTerrell Owens with Cheryl BurkeVanessa Lachey with Maks ChmerkovskiyVictoria Allen with Val Chmerkovskiy

Now that is a crazy diverse lineup, at least as far as the stars' professional backgrounds are concerned. To start off, it should be fun to see ol' Frankie Muniz hit the dance floor with Witney Carson, who's been a Dancing with the Stars pro for seven seasons now. This probably won't be how fans end up getting a Malcolm in the Middle reunion, but it would be beyond fabulous to see Bryan Cranston making an appearance for the TV-theme performances. (Or any of the other cast members, really.)

As far as other TV personalities go, we've got Shark Tank mastermind Barbara Corcoran, who will have to use her feet more than her business savvy to stay ahead on this show. There's HGTV star Drew Scott, of Property Brothers fame, who will have to show partner Emma Slater that he's as good on the dance floor as he is doing home renovations. And then there's actress Sasha Pieterse, who will follow up the series finale of Pretty Little Liars with some pretty little dance moves.

Serving as a perfect segue from TV to music, we have former pop star and occasional reality TV star Nick Lachey and wife Vanessa Lachey, who has gotten more into scripted roles after years of being more known for TV hosting gigs. (Interestingly, this married couple will be competing with Dancing with the Stars' famed married couple Peta and Maks!) Then there's the aforementioned Debbie Gibson, whose music was all over the 1980s; Gibson also has some notable TV work in recent years, perhaps most memorably opposite fellow pop star Tiffany in one of Syfy's ridiculous creature features. Hamilton vet and singer Jordan Fisher, also known for his work on Teen Wolf and the Teen Beach Movie films, will be taking the stage with Lindsay Arnold, while violinist and dancer Lindsey Stirling will try to impress opposite Mark Ballas.

To wrap up this full rundown, which was first revealed on Good Morning America, we've got athletes! It'll be crazy cool to see paralympian swimmer and ESPN sportscaster Victoria Arlen, who miraculously survived two super rare medical conditions that paralyzed her for years, only to later regain all of her abilities, and it was just in 2016 when she was able to walk again after over a decade. Then there's WWE Diva and reality show fave Nikki Bella, who will likely look as good with Artem Chigvintsev as she does with her future husband John Cena. In the former sports stars category, we have former NBA star Derek Fisher and the always outspoken former NFL star Terrell Owens. (The latter will be with Cheryl Burke, who is returning after missing last season.)

While we won't get to see Mr. T return to try and avenge last year's elimination, Dancing with the Stars Season 25 will kick off on ABC on Monday, September 18, at 8:00 p.m. ET. To see everything else hitting the small screen soon, head to our fall premiere schedule.

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