Frankie Muniz Wants A Malcolm In The Middle Sequel

With all kinds of classic series’ reboots and sequels going into production in the past year, it’s only a matter of time before every show that has ever ended gets brought into the comeback conversation. And one particular series that may now enter the talk-space is the hit Fox comedy Malcolm in the Middle, and the person who wants to lead the conversation is none other than Malcom himself, Frankie Muniz.

Muniz took to Twitter recently to ask his followers if they’d be interested in seeing a modern-day follow-up to the quirky show that gained an all-ages audience. One thing’s for certain: he’s ready for it to happen.

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Now, Muniz is only 29 years old, so it would be kind of weird and oddly depressing if Malcolm was going through his midlife crisis before 30 hit. But then it makes a certain amount of sense, as the character was seemingly always going through one crisis or another anyway. I’d definitely be interested to see the kind of hijinks that he and his brothers would be up to as they got older. Because you just know that these brothers would still be in the same vicinity, no matter what any of them would prefer.

But don’t go getting your hopes up just yet. Responding to a tweet asking if this was an actual possibility, Muniz says that he was just gauging a response. (Actually, he says he’s just ”gaging interest”, but we’ll allow it.) It’s entirely possible that someone at Fox would look at this and see the potential to bring back this family comedy, although it’d probably be a lot easier to get the younger actors involved than the older ones at this point.

In the last year, Muniz had an uncredited cameo in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, and appeared in both The Mysteries of Laura and Sharknado 3, so his schedule is probably ready and able to take on a new series. Chris Masterson, who played Francis, had small roles in Haven and the film Bad Roomies last year. Justin “Reese” Berfield only took on one episode of Sons of Tucson after Malcom ended in 2006. Erik Per Sullivan, who played Dewey, was last seen in the 2010 film Twelve from Joel Schumacher.

Meanwhile, Bryan Cranston went on to become one of the most beloved TV actors in modern times with his run as Walter White on Breaking Bad, and Jane Kaczmarek has remained a TV fixture since Malcolm in the Middle ended, most recently seen on the USA comedy Playing House. This duo created an awesome video following the Breaking Bad finale that tied back to Malcolm in a great way, so perhaps they would also be interested in a reunion of sorts.

What do you guys think?

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