The first half of Stephen King's monster-sized masterpiece IT has been adapted into a pretty fantastic big screen movie, and it has been raking in the big bucks at the box office ever since it premiered. Pennywise the Dancing Clown and the Losers Club have been hits with audiences everywhere, and many of us are already ready for the sequel to be released to cover the second half of King's novel. There can be no doubt that IT: Chapter 2 is on the way after the success of Chapter 1, but Chapter 2 should arguably be adapted into a different format: TV miniseries.

Admittedly, IT has already been turned into a miniseries, and the 1990 version has its fans. Still, that miniseries only ran for two installments, and the finished product wasn't all that much longer than a feature film. Miniseries nowadays generally run for six or more episodes, which could do amazing justice to both Stephen King's novel and the stage that was set in IT: Chapter 1. Read on for some big reasons why the second half of IT should really be adapted for a small screen miniseries!

Warning: minor spoilers ahead for Stephen King's IT novel and HUGE spoilers ahead for IT: Chapter 1.

There's A Lot Of Story Left To Tell

Stephen King's IT is an incredibly long and complex novel. The paperback is nearly 1,200 pages long, and the audio book clocks in at just under 45 hours. A lot of the story about the kids had to be left out of Chapter 1 simply due to the fact that it only ran for 135 minutes. Even if a Chapter 2 is told as a miniseries, a lot would have to be cut out. It's simply the way adaptations work, and even the most devout lovers of the novel probably accepted that going into the movie.

Still, a new miniseries could tell a lot of the story of the adult Losers that would have to be left out of another film. There's a reason why IT is considered one of Stephen King's masterpieces of horror fiction, and IT deserves to be done as much justice as is possible out of an adaptation. We wouldn't get 45 hours of content, but we'd get more than 135 minutes with a miniseries.

TV Can Do A Lot These Days

The 1990 ABC miniseries has a serious nostalgia factor with fans who can excuse its flaws, and there are some aspects that worked better in the miniseries than in the movie. That said, the 1990 miniseries aired on network TV with a pretty small budget. Pennywise could only go so far to terrify kids on ABC, and Richie "Trashmouth" Tozier had a much less trashy mouth. Nowadays, a lot more is possible on TV thanks to premium cable networks like HBO and Starz, with 21st century special effects and often substantial budgets. IT: Chapter 2 could go a lot farther than IT in 1990 did.

No, I'm not talking about any sewer orgies between pre-teens, but a premium cable miniseries can deliver a hell of a lot of genuine frights rather than 1990's heck of a lot of ABC suspense. Besides, some of the Losers in the book end up subconsciously picking their spouses for... interesting reasons that are relevant to the story, and what better place for such things than the home of Game of Thrones?

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