Jim Carrey Will Star In His First TV Show Since In Living Color, And It Sounds Amazing

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For the first time since his breakout stint on In Living Color, Jim Carrey will return to TV for a starring role. The rubber-faced actor is headed to Showtime, where the actor will lead the upcoming comedy _Kidding _as the host of a children's show who must also face his personal issues. The series, ordered today, looks to feature Carrey doing what he does best -- making us laugh -- with a chance that audiences may feel something heartbreaking along the way as well.

In Kidding, Jim Carrey will play Jeff, or as he's known to the children who watch his TV program, Mr. Pickles. The story appears to balance the comedy with a few hints of drama, as Jeff is forced to maintain his beloved persona for the sake of his multimillion-dollar brand, all while his entire family is falling apart around him, from his wife and sons to his sister and father. Showtime promotes the series as a half-hour comedy in which the world will get to watch as Jeff slowly loses his sanity trying to juggle both aspects of his life, with no relief to be found in the fantastical world of Mr. Pickles.

Jim Carrey will step into Kidding with a familiar face from his past, as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind's Michel Gondry is attached to direct. The series was created by Dave Holstein, whose past writing credits include the former Showtime hit Weeds and the current Showtime hit I'm Dying Up Here, which features Carrey as an executive producer.

Kidding Season 1 is set for a ten-episode order, and once the series starts, it will hopefully get renewed for a lot more. (Assuming it's as good as we're expecting.) With Carrey and Gondry attached, it might even make enough money for Showtime to recoup whatever it lost refunding the Mayweather-McGregor fight to unhappy customers.

As mentioned, Kidding will be Jim Carrey's first regular role in a TV series since he was a cast member on In Living Color back in 1994. Carrey, of course, has appeared on television since then, but only in a guest star capacity, and he's kept most of his feature performances for the film world. Of course, many are familiar with his most recent television appearance, which featured the actor having what many would think was some sort of breakdown. Given his explanation behind the rant, one has to wonder if perhaps the actor was channeling his character Jeff and what he'll go through in Kidding. If that's the case, what a way to promote the show!

There's no release date yet for Kidding, but suffice to say we'll be keeping an eye on this series, hoping that Showtime gives it one soon. For more on Jim Carrey, be sure to read up on the interesting director the actor turned down for Ace Ventura 2, or how playing Andy Kaufman made him feel as though he was losing his mind. For more information on new and returning shows that are making their way to television this upcoming fall season, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide.

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