In Living Color Reboot Isn't Happening

Remember that In Living Color reboot that was supposed to be happening? Well, in case you hadn't deduced by the lack of updates on the project, it isn't happening. Fox chairman Kevin Reilly confirmed as much at the TCA's today. Though it might not be a huge surprise, this news is likely to come as a disappointment to those who were hoping to see the sketch comedy series make a comeback.

News about Fox's plans to bring Keenan Ivory Wayans and Damon Wayans 90s sketch comedy show In Living Color back broke more than a year ago, and at that time, it was supposed to happen in the form of two specials, which were expected to air at some point during the Spring of last year. Only that never happened, and Fox put the reboot on hold. Deadline reported from the TCA's today that Reilly said flat-out, "It's not gonna happen." From what it sounds like, the bar was set high for this reboot and the pilot didn't measure up in that respect.

“(The original) was a seminal show for Fox, and the bar was set at that level.” Reilly left the door open to potentially doing an In Living Color reboot “but not the one we shot.”

Fans that were hopeful that the delay was just a delay are surely disappointed by this news, but Reilly makes a fair point. The reboot might have revived the concept, but from what Reilly says, the pilot didn't cut it. Looking at it optimistically, it sounds like Fox would be open to the idea of rebooting the sketch comedy series at some point down the line.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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