Netflix Pulls Episode Of Kids' Cartoon Over A Penis Drawing

maya the bee

When a parent allows a young child to watch Netflix, it'll usually be age-appropriate programming that makes its way to the child's eyes. On the rarest of occasions, though, that programming might include something that's far more adult than anyone could have imagined. Such was the case with the CGI reboot of the animated series Maya the Bee, which had one of its Season 1 episodes yanked off the site after someone discovered a background drawing that looks very much like a penis.

The offending penis in question popped up, er, showed up during Episode 35 of Maya the Bee, the most recent iteration of the classic children's book, and anyone who heads to Netflix right now to look for that episode will come up short. A video of the moment went viral after being shared by an upset mom, whose original post was later removed, and while it's debatable about whether or not it actually is a sketch of a penis, as well as how intentional its inclusion was, Netflix's removal of the episode seems to confirm that company execs thought it was too close for comfort.

You can judge for yourselves how realistic the penis claims are with the pic below.

maya the bee penis

In case you couldn't tell where the potentially erotic scribbling is, it's on that weird tree trunk, smack dab in the middle. It's certainly hard to deny that the resemblance is there, especially around the...base region. Plus, it would be hard to argue that this wasn't intentional, since those are the only vertical lines made on the trunk itself.

Even Snopes got in on it, as this is just such an issue where it sounds like so many of those supposedly adult moments that people claimed to see in Disney's animated hits. (That one from The Rescuers is most definitely real, though.) The site apparently tried to contact the French animation company Studio 100 Animation about the issue, but got no response as of this writing.

Usually when TV shows get episodes pulled, it's because of a recent event, such as a violent tragedy or something along those lines. But this episode has been up for a while now, and it's almost definitely aired on TV more than once before, as this isn't even a Netflix original or anything, but rather an acquisition for Universal Kids (formerly Sprout).

While that particular episode may be gone, everyone can still enjoy the rest of Maya the Bee Season 1 on Netflix right now, and elsewhere. And if you needed to see what else is coming to the streaming service soon, head to our 2017 Netflix schedule, and don't forget to hit up our fall premiere schedule to see everything else hitting the small screen in the near future.

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