Check Out Jane Fonda's Uncomfortable Interview With Megyn Kelly On Today

Jane Fonda is an icon of showbiz who has turned in fabulous performances on the large and small screens over the many years of career. She is an Oscar winner, an Emmy winner, and a Golden Globe winner, and pretty much everybody knows her name. She's still active in showbiz today, thanks to her starring role in the sitcom Grace and Frankie and her upcoming role in the movie Our Souls at Night. Fonda recently appeared on Today to promote Our Souls at Night with co-star Robert Redford, and the interview took a distinctly uncomfortable turn when interviewer Megyn Kelly suddenly began to ask Fonda about her plastic surgery. Take a look!

The interview starts off innocently enough, as Jane Fonda and Robert Redford reflected on the early years of the careers, before they really hit it big and became the icons they are today. Then, about a minute and a half in, Megyn Kelly switched from talking about how hunky Redford was in The Way We Were and All the President's Men to bring up Jane Fonda's history with plastic surgery. The tone of the interview changed very quickly as soon as Kelly uttered the words "You admit you had work done." Jane Fonda clearly wasn't expecting the interview to go in that direction. While Fonda kept her composure a lot better than many of us viewers probably could have, she was clearly not happy.

Kudos to Jane Fonda for moving the conversation on from the awkward moment that could have derailed the entire interview. Despite Megyn Kelly's best efforts to get Fonda to talk about her plastic surgery -- which Kelly specifically mentioned as something Fonda has said she's not proud of -- Fonda made a quick segue back to discussing Our Souls at Night. Really, Kelly's query about Fonda's plastic surgery felt more like something that should come out of her evening news show than a fun interview to create buzz for a Netflix movie. I'm guessing most viewers were watching to see Jane Fonda and Robert Redford bantering rather than Kelly questioning Fonda's cosmetic decisions.

Robert Redford helped Jane Fonda make a joke out of Megyn Kelly's question about plastic surgery, and they managed to shift focus back to Our Souls at Night. The interview got nicely silly and charming once Redford and Fonda hit their comedic rhythm again, but it's difficult to argue that there weren't some seriously uncomfortable moments. Interestingly, this wasn't the first instance of an interview going somewhat sideways for Kelly. Debra Messing wasn't happy with some of Kelly's comments after an appearance on Today to hype the upcoming Will and Grace revival.

You can catch Jane Fonda and Robert Redford together on screen again when Our Souls at Night debuts on Netflix on Friday, September 29. For your other streaming options, take a look at our 2017 Netflix premiere schedule, and be sure to drop by our fall TV guide as well.

Laura Hurley
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