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The Star Wars Forces of Destiny web series has given Star Wars fans fixes of the action from the galaxy far, far away ever since the first short debuted back in July. We've seen characters from the movies and TV series in animated glory on brand new adventures that have answered long-standing questions about Star Wars canon, and the series isn't over yet. The first Forces of Destiny TV special aired on October 1, and it featured a short that saw one Star Wars Rebels character finally joining the Rebellion. Take a look at Ketsu back in action with Sabine on Forces of Destiny:

In the "Newest Recruit" short, we see Ketsu make her Forces of Destiny debut as she teams up with Sabine to retrieve some food for the Rebellion. While Sabine is glad to have her friend by her side, Ketsu is clear at the beginning that she's still not sure about joining the Rebellion officially. Everything changes when they come across a handful of stormtroopers and one hungry child who gets stuck in the crossfire. With an assist from Hera and Chopper in the Ghost, Ketsu and Sabine escape with their new little pal. The adventure was enough to convince Ketsu that the Rebels have the right idea in the galaxy, and she lets Sabine paint the Rebel Alliance insignia on her armor. A brand new rebel has joined the cause.

Firefly and Suits actress Gina Torres reprised her role as Ketsu for Forces of Destiny, and the short was definitely a fun one for fans who have wanted more of Ketsu than her relatively brief appearances on Star Wars Rebels. Given that the Forces of Destiny shorts are canon and there's still one full season remaining of Rebels, it's possible that we'll see Ketsu the rebel in action on Rebels in Season 4. Sabine would probably welcome an assist, considering that the trailers have indicated that she'll be fighting with everything she has to try and free Mandalore. She and Ketsu do make a formidable team.

"Newest Recruit" also gives us our first look at Forces of Destiny Hera in action. She was announced as one of the characters to appear in the web series way back in the beginning, and a description of a future episode has actually revealed her fate as of the end of Rebels. We still can't say what will happen to the rest of the Ghost crew other than Hera (and probably Chopper) after the end of Rebels and events of Rogue One, but we do know that Hera will still be around for more action later in the original Star Wars trilogy timeline. The next short featuring Hera will likely air with the second TV special, which is set to debut on Sunday, October 29 at 8 p.m. ET on Disney Channel and the Disney Channel App.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in Star Wars news, and be sure to check out Disney XD on October 16 for the premiere of the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels. For the rest of your TV needs, take a look at our fall TV guide.

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