What It Was Like Having Sylvester Stallone On The Set Of This Is Us, According To One Star

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While This Is Us didn't really need much more help getting fans psyched for Season 2, the news that Sylvester Stallone was going to be on NBC's hit drama was certainly helpful. Fans have seen pictures of Stallone palling around on set with the stars of the show, and it appears those photo ops weren't just good PR, as actor Justin Hartley shares what it was like having the star on set in the quote below:

It's everything you could possibly imagine times ten. . . . Milo knows him, and he sorta made a phone call, and he came and he graciously accepted to do the role. And he's on set, and here he is -- Sylvester Stallone -- and you're like, 'How am I supposed to work with this guy, the legend?' And he immediately disarms you. He immediately puts everybody at ease. He's just like the coolest guy in the world, and you're just having a conversation. And he does a bang-up job as a wonderful actor, says a few gracious words, tells a few jokes, and then he leaves, and as soon as he leaves, you miss him. You're like, 'Awww, come back, Sly! Come back!'

So now, thanks to Milo Ventimiglia, the cast of This Is Us got a chance to experience the awesomeness that is Sylvester Stallone. While the other actor's got their pictures, Justin Hartley tells Late Night With Seth Meyers that he even got the added bonus of working out with the living action hero, which had to be super intimidating. Imagine training next to a 71-year-old Rocky in the gym and potentially not being able to keep up!

For those that missed the news on Stallone's appearance on This Is Us, the actor will be playing himself in the film that Kevin Pearson is currently shooting with Ron Howard. The Season 2 premiere showed off some of Kevin shooting the film already, and that marriage proposal in France certainly didn't seem to fit the description of the war film we've heard is being made. Perhaps less speculation should be spent on that, and more time should be spent on whether or not Sly will be able to make us cry like literally every other character on this show.

For those tuning in specifically to see Sylvester Stallone on This Is Us, current word is that fans will be able to see him on the series October 10th. That makes sense, considering tonight's new episode appears to center around Justin Hartley's Kevin returning to the role of "The Manny," which makes it likely that he won't be on the set of his film in this episode. With Stallone on the horizon, it will be interesting to see if next week's episode is able to top the series high set by the Season 2 premiere.

This Is Us is all new tonight at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. For more on the show, be sure to check out the big news from the premiere, and how what we learned about Jack's death made us rethink everything. For more information on where to find great fall programming, visit our fall premiere guide.

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