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Ever since news broke that Sylvester Stallone would be featured in Season 2 of This Is Us, fans have been dying for more information. Luckily, Stallone is a little more social media savvy than some folks his age and has been posting a healthy dose of pictures from the set for fans to get pumped up for him being on the show. Take a look:

On the THIS IS US set with Justin Hartley , this is a fantastic show and he is great to work with!#thisisus @justinhartley

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The first Instagram picture is to be expected, considering Sylvester Stallone is, reportedly, set to be in that same movie Kevin (Justin Hartley) accepted a job in from Ron Howard during the Season 1 finale. Judging from coats and collars, it appears both Stallone and Hartley are rocking the same type of outfit. Given that Stallone is a known action hero and this film that Kevin is in is considered a huge step up from his days as "The Manny," an action film sounds like a possibility. Although, this is a film within a television show, so they could be doing anything! In any case, it looks like anytime Kevin is on the set of his film in Season 2 fans should keep an eye out for Sly!

Also present for a This Is Us photo op with Sylvester Stallone was actress Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate Pearson. Metz managed to get in an action shot and even managed to get one of those "fake punch" pictures any Rocky or Creed fan would die to get:

Getting punched out by the [email protected] On the set of THIS IS US #thisisus

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While Justin Hartley's picture looked to be taken after a scene shoot of some kind, it's unclear what interaction Sylvester Stallone and Chrissy Metz will have in the show, if any. Fans remember Kevin fired Kate, so she's no longer his personal assistant, but given how close the two are, it doesn't seem crazy to think his sister could be granted an on-set visit to pal around with him between takes. It could also be that Metz found out Stallone was gonna be on set and, regardless of whether she needed to be there or not, arrived on the scene to hang out with him, and who could blame her?

That appears to be what Milo Ventimiglia did anyway as, unless there's some really crazy death flashback coming in Season 2, Jack likely has no interaction with Sylvester Stallone in Season 2. Check out their picture together on set on the next page, and get ready for the premiere of This Is Us Season 2 beginning September 26th at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. Most news on the show has been good as of late, although it did manage to lose an Emmy nomination for a rather goofy reason. Read more on that or perhaps look ahead to see what other shows are premiering in the fall season by checking out our fall premiere guide.

My good buddy Milo Ventimiglia who was nice enough to invite me to be on the show #thisisus #harleydavidson

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