The Major Blacklist Event That Might Finally Happen In Season 5

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Warning! This post contains spoilers for Season 5 of The Blacklist! Read at your own risk.

On a laundry list of things The Blacklist will need to address, there's a good chance one major event might finally go down in the upcoming season. Fans that have been waiting and waiting for a particular plot twist may finally be in luck. Series creator Jon Bokenkamp seems to hint that the new season might hold yet another wedding attempt by Liz and Tom:

Third time's the charm. They've tried a couple times, and I have my fingers crossed for them. If it does happen, I'll be sure to get you an invite. It will be a wonderful, strange ceremony.

The spoiler (via EW) is both good news and tragic news as the season premiere appeared to show a rather bloody ending for Tom Keen, although things in The Blacklist have often not been as they have seemed. We do know that Tom has a secret regarding Red that he's been itching to tell Liz, although he hesitated in the premiere when she delivered the news that Red is her biological father. If marriage is in the future for Tom and Liz, letting her know about the significance of that suitcase will likely put him in his father-in-law's bad graces, which appears to happen regardless according to that flash forward.

As Jon Bokenkamp states, this will be the third time Liz and Tom will go through the marriage process as the first marriage was broken up after Tom revealed he married her under orders, and the second one was broken up by tons of gunfire. With the flash forward teasing Tom's death at the hands of Reddington, it's really hard to imagine this marriage attempt will go much smoother than the ones prior, but as mentioned before, things aren't always what they appear in this show. Fans should know that by now after seeing Liz "die" and Dembe go on the run after he supposedly poisoned Reddington.

Then again, Jon Bokenkamp has been pretty straight up about Tom's reasoning behind not telling Liz about the bones and the suitcase, and it sounds like he's going to be investigating something Red doesn't want him to look into. Fans of The Blacklist know that's an easy way to get yourself killed by Raymond Reddington, as does Tom, so whatever he's about to uncover must be huge if he's willing to risk his life to inform Liz about whatever this whole mystery is about.

Catch a new episode of The Blacklist Wednesday, October 11th at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. For more on Season 5, check out Jon Bokenkamp's thoughts on Red rebuilding his life, or Liz's personal struggle she'll battle with throughout this season. For a full list of other exciting shows making their premiere this fall, visit our fall premiere guide.

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