The Best This Is Us Crier, According To Mandy Moore

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If you want to be an actor on This Is Us, you have to be good at showing emotion. More specifically, you have to excel in crying, and while Mandy Moore gives props to her television offspring Chrissy Metz for being super-emotional, she gives out the award for Best Crier to someone else: Mr. Sterling K. Brown. Read what Moore had to say about the Emmy winning actor's crying ability, and just how good the Randall portrayer is:

I think Chrissy and I are probably the most emotional, but I think Sterling gets the award for 'best crier.' I feel like he's literally at the point, as an actor, where he's like, 'Which eye do you want me to have the dramatic single-teardrop-down-my-cheek from?' He's that good.

The news should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen the This Is Us actor in action, and if Sterling K. Brown is really as good as Mandy Moore tells Jimmy Fallon, he needs to trademark that "Sterling tear" technique they talk about in The Tonight Show's interview. Of course, Brown's character Randall is the most sensitive of The Big Three Pearson kids, so it's not entirely fair to deem him the crying king when he has a LOT more sob-worthy scenes, which gives him more practice compared to the other stars on the show.

The first few episodes of Season 2 seem to indicate that could change, though. So Justin Hartley and Chrissy Metz will need to step up their game if they want to win Moore over before the next time this question is asked! (And we're probably not accepting any crying moments from Kevin's diaper-wearing sitcom performance.)

That perhaps shouldn't be too hard for Hartley to accomplish, as last night's episode seemed to indicate Kevin will finally open up soon about how Jackr's death affected him. We also know that Chrissy Metz's Kate specifically blames herself for Jack's death, so there has to be an episode coming which reveals why she feels so responsible for what happened. Both actors should have enough ammunition to take on Brown's non-stop crying skills, but with the adopted brother having just taken in a foster child, one has to imagine Randall will gush out a few tears here and there that might score him another Emmy in 2018.

This Is Us is all new on NBC on Tuesday, October 17th, at 9 p.m. ET. For more on the high-rated series, be sure to read about the massive amount of money the show is set to make in Season 2, or watch a hilarious sketch from The Tonight Show in which Jimmy Fallon plays a sound guy who just can't hold things together during the show's filming. This Is Us is a fantastic show, certainly, but there are plenty of other shows premiering right now that are definitely worth your time. Make sure to stay in the loop via our fall premiere guide and never miss another big debut.

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