New Walking Dead Trailer Shows Off How Suspenseful Season 8 Gets After The Premiere

Spoilers below for Walking Dead fans who haven't yet watched the Season 8 premiere.

Tonight's big Season 8 premiere for The Walking Dead was quite an eventful episode, as it saw Rick and his crew setting up and executing their big plan to take down Negan and the Saviors. (Not to mention that new character.) Most of it all went off without a hitch, with potentially disastrous moments solved and avoided, so you just know that means that the situation is going to get far rougher for Team Family in the near future. Check out the new trailer for Season 8 below, which hints at some of the troubles and worries yet to plague Team Family.

The Walking Dead's Season 8 premiere hinted at this season taking a different route with laying out the timeline of the All Out War between Rick and Negan, and the trailer above seems to justify some assumptions that at least the first half of the season takes place over a limited number of days. Similarly to previews we've seen already, with lots of new footage in display, this trailer successfully gets us pumped up for the explosive conflict happening between the communities. But it also balances the jubilant pep talks with members of Team family looking far more worried and concerned than anyone looked in the premiere.

Rick certainly looks ready for a fight when the trailer starts, and Ezekiel gives part of an impassioned speech where he guarantees that no one in their ranks will die. But that gives way to less assured moments. Rick and Daryl are talking about a bunch of guns making it to The Sanctuary. Jesus tries to calm a harried Tara down by reminding her this isn't a revenge scheme, and Carol says that their big plan could all be for naught if "he" discovers Team Family's whereabouts.

We also get to see Rick and one of the Saviors getting into some vehicular shenanigans, which is always fun in this world. Throw in a roaring Shiva, a conflicted Morgan, and a Negan who is determined to win it all, and we're extremely jazzed to see what's coming next.

AMC also put out another video promoting Episode 2, which is titled "The Damned." Curiously, it's a scene that goes deeper into one moment we saw in the Season 8 premiere, with Morgan and Diane's group getting set to take down a Savior at the satellite compound.

I'm interested to see if The Walking Dead will continue to revisit scenes from the premiere episode by expanding them and setting up what happened before and after what we saw. If that's indeed the case, one would hope that there are a lot of extremely interesting details to add to those situations, and that it's not all just a way to change up the format for variety's sake.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET. Check out the funniest moments from the Season 8 premiere, as well as what we think was going on during those Old Rick flash-forwards, and then head to our fall premiere schedule to see everything else premiering and returning to TV soon.

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