The Flash Just Dropped A Pregnancy Bombshell

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Warning: gigantic spoilers ahead for the third episode of The Flash Season 4, "Luck Be a Lady."

The Flash is usually more concerned with superheroes, supervillains, and assorted superpowers than normal human concerns, but the latest episode featured a plot twist that has nothing to do with superpowers and could cause a lot of change in the series. Yes, The Flash dropped a pregnancy bombshell that not many of us were probably expecting. Cecile shocked Joe in "Luck Be a Lady" when she revealed that she's pregnant.

The plot twist came after an episode that featured a Joe West who didn't want to move because of all the treasured memories he has of Iris and Barry in his house. The house was in trouble in "Luck Be a Lady," however, as the pipes that have been groaning for the past 18 years finally burst. The plumbing emergency that followed was actually pretty dangerous for Joe and Cecile at the house. Although the catastrophe can be partially blamed on Hazard wreaking havoc in Central City, it was a wake-up call to Joe that maybe he and fellow empty-nester Cecile could move to a new home together.

It was then that Cecile revealed that neither one of them was necessarily going to be an empty-nester for much longer... because she has a bun in the oven. Cecile is pregnant, and Joe could have another kid by the time The Flash presumably returns for Season 5 next year. Interestingly, the bombshell that Cecile is pregnant came in the same episode that Wally made the decision to leave Central City (and Kid Flash) for a time and stay with a friend in Blue Valley. His breakup with Jesse upset him so much that he feels the need to get away from Team Flash for a while, and there's no saying how much time he'll need. One of Joe's kids left just before he discovered that he might have a new kid in the not-too-distant future.

Assuming The Flash intends to explore the pregnancy in the rest of the season, a lot might have to change. Joe has always been willing to jump into danger for the sake of his kids, which includes Barry as well as Iris and Wally. Now that he could have another kid on the way, he might have to prioritize the unborn child over his adult children. All three of them get into plenty of trouble, but they're also very capable of taking care of themselves. A pregnant Cecile will need help and support from Joe, and that will quite possibly involve Joe reducing his field work with Team Flash. He can't take out every supervillain with his badge and a gun.

It should be interesting to see how all the characters react to the news of Cecile's pregnancy. Cecile herself seems pretty happy about it, but Joe seemed to be in shock once his lady love dropped the bombshell. The episode ended before we could see him gather his wits about him and actually respond to the news. Barry and Iris should have some fun reactions, especially considering that they might consider starting their own family in the next few years. Only time will tell.

The next new episode of The Flash will air on Tuesday, October 31 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. We'll get to see Elongated Man in action in the episode, and perhaps even more of those metahumans the Thinker managed to create.

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