Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't yet watched all six episodes of Channel Zero: No-End House. Those who have watched should definitely read on, though.

While the words "TV horror" might immediately bring to mind The Walking Dead or American Horror Story, the fright-filled series that should be on everyone's lips is Syfy's doom-laden psychological roller coaster Channel Zero. The second season of the anthology, subtitled No-End House, just recently aired its finale, and while it definitely brought its WTF storyline to a proper conclusion, fans were no doubt still scratching their heads over some of the unanswered questions and details that were intentionally left for us to mentally chew on. Thankfully, some of our questions have been answered.

Channel Zero: No-End House star Jeff Ward spoke at length with CinemaBlend about this crazy season, and while he obviously couldn't reveal all of the show's secrets -- since some of those secrets weren't meant to be resolved -- he totally shined a light on several details that were gnawing our collective curiosity into pulp. Let's dive in, shall we?

What's Up With Seth's Former Girlfriends?

We can all agree that Seth came across as a weirdo for wanting to live in Houseworld all the time, and it was already stomach-churning when Channel Zero: No-End House revealed that Seth had a previous girlfriend in there before he brought Margot. That poor soul was introduced in one cul-de-sac home sitting and drawing and endless number of non-identical sketches that weren't directly addressed. While it seemed like these would have all been of Seth, I asked Jeff Ward if it was possible those were of the House-born cannibal that appeared when she entered this world.

We thought that she was drawing me, that she was sketching my face, lke the only memories that she had had left were of me. So she was just kinda left there all day just scribbling my face. But it definitely also could be her cannibal. I don't know. I hadn't thought of that. That's pretty good.

I do like that there was some ambiguity there, since the sketches weren't as photo-realistic or anything as they might have been in another show. Plus, it could very well have been sketches of both Seth and her cannibal, or even a mental mixture of the two. In any case, her discovery later ushered in the exponentially disturbing truth that Seth had been doing this kind of thing for years, with a row of houses occupied by his former loves/victims. (Jeff Ward does consider Seth to be "something close to a serial killer" for his actions, too.) As I'd wondered what happened to each of the women's cannibals, I asked the actor if Seth was responsible for killing all of them.

Yeah, I always kind of thought of it, in the same way that Seth was eager and willing and able to help Margot dispatch of the father, that he had done that with each of the cannibals, or at least gotten them to the point where they were starving. Or had taken [the women] to a safe distance from their cannibals. But yeah, he definitely had to deal with each one of them. I almost in my mind picture it like there's seven seasons of No-End House for Seth's story, and the previous six were him mastering how to take care of each girl, how to deal with their cannibals, and he got better at it every time. So Margot was kind of the most perfect. His best run-up at it, until obviously it ended up destroying him.

Ward and I agreed that it would be extremely interesting to watch that entire run of events play out in prequel seasons. Kind of like watching Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, just without the raincoat. Read on for more!

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