Chicago PD Will Celebrate Its 100th Episode With A Big Chicago Fire Crossover

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As anyone who watches any of NBC's Chicago shows will know, crossovers between the three shows are quite common. Now, it looks like another major crossover is coming, with Chicago P.D. celebrating its 100th episode by inviting characters from Chicago Fire into the fold once again.

CinemaBlend's own Jessica Rawden sat down with creator and executive producer Derek Haas at NBC's One Chicago Day (in Chicago, naturally), and he revealed that two of the big Chicago dramas would be crossing over in a major way to help celebrate the 100th episode of Chicago P.D. Here's what Haas had to say about the coming extravaganza:

We're going to have a two-parter that's gonna go from P.D. into Fire. It's P.D.'s 100th episode, is going to be a P.D./Fire crossover. It's the first hour on Wednesday, and then like an hour on Thursday.

So, as is quite common when TV franchises merge for mega-crossovers, fans will be treated to what will essentially be two hours of Chicago storytelling goodness, with whatever case sets off the crossover on Chicago P.D. on Wednesday night leading us right into the plot of Chicago Fire when it airs the next night. And, I can imagine the case will be pretty big to help honor not only the big crossover, but the importance of P.D.'s milestone episode.

While Derek Haas didn't announce the air dates of the crossover episodes, we do, at least, know that they will hit the small screen sometime in early 2018. We're also not exactly sure at this point what type of story will lead characters from Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire to mix it up together, but, knowing how hardcore some of these plots can be, fans can probably bet that at least one horrible murder or multi-tiered kidnapping will be involved, and that fans of all things Chicago will likely devour whatever the episodes have to offer.

When Chicago P.D. kicked off as the first spinoff from Chicago Fire in 2014, there was no guarantee that the series would catch on with viewers. While the idea of continuing to cover the city's first responders made sense, there was always a possibility that the (sometimes) emotionally draining nature of the cases the detectives and uniformed officers of District 21 dealt with would turn off fans used to the more upbeat flagship series. As P.D. star Marina Squerciati says of the show making it to 100 episodes:

It feels great there's a lot of television out there. That the fans still are with us, that people are still interested in us. It feels great. We love doing the show, we love hanging out so the fact we're here feels wonderful.

We can all see how Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire join forces during the crossover event in early 2018. Meanwhile, new episodes of Chicago P.D. air Wednesdays at 9 p.m. CST and Chicago Fire can be seen Thursdays at 9 p.m. CST.

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