Chicago P.D. Is Bringing Back A Former Star

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NBC's Chicago franchise went through some big changes last year as we got a giant multi-show crossover and a brand new spinoff with Chicago Justice. One of the stars of Chicago P.D. actually left his series to join the new spinoff, and he became a key member of the cast. Unfortunately for Jon Seda, Chicago Justice got the axe after only one season. Luckily, he's not out of a Chicago job, as he's moving back to Chicago P.D.

Jon Seda will return to Chicago P.D. in the fall when Season 5 kicks off. He'll be a series regular once more, so we'll see plenty of him back in action. We can't say for sure at this point just how the events of Chicago Justice might carry over to P.D. with regard to Seda's character, Antonio Dawson. Hopefully his transition back to his old stomping grounds will go as smoothly as possible.

All things considered, fans of P.D. may be especially glad to have his familiar face returning, given the big change that we already know is in store for Season 5. Leading lady Sophia Bush is departing the series and will not return to play Erin Lindsay for another full season, although Bush may return for a guest arc to bring Lindsay's story to a natural end. Who knows? We may get to see Dawson and Lindsay interacting at least one more time before Bush leaves. If Chicago P.D. doesn't cast a new leading lady to fill Sophia Bush's shoes, we may see the other stars like Jon Seda getting more time in the spotlight in Season 5 and onward.

The cancellation of Chicago Justice was the first time that one of the shows in the Chicago franchise flopped. The ratings actually weren't terrible, but they were the lowest of the four Chicago shows, and Justice didn't quite fit in as seamlessly as the other three. It wasn't a terrible show; it just didn't have what it takes to stay alive in primetime on a major network. We'll have to wait and see if any of the other Justice actors turn up on Chicago P.D., Chicago Fire, or Chicago Med.

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