Bobby Moynihan's Comedy Me, Myself And I Just Got Yanked From CBS' Schedule

me myself and i

Bobby Moynihan had a great reason to make his exit from Saturday Night Live after his extended stint, in that he landed the lead in the CBS comedy Me, Myself & I. Unfortunately for fans, the underperforming series has already been bumped from its Monday night timeslot to make room for Season 2 of the Matt LeBlanc-led sitcom Man with a Plan, and Moynihan's timeline-flipping show currently doesn't have a home anywhere on the network's schedule. Does that mean it's been cancelled? Well, it's not the best sign.

CBS announced today that Man with a Plan will be debuting on Monday, November 13, at 8:30 p.m., but the network isn't even waiting until then to boot Me, Myself & I, which will get its November 6 episode replaced by its fellow first-year comedy 9JKL, which is shifting over to make way for Matt LeBlanc and Liza Snyder's comedy. What will show up on CBS' Monday night lineup in that now-vacant slot? A Big Bang Theory rerun. Which, to be fair, make quite a bit of sense, as Big Bang reruns generally perform better than a lot of other show's first-run episodes. But still, that's kind of a telling move for what CBS is thinking when it comes to the future of Me, Myself & I.

To be sure, CBS noted in its announcement that Me, Myself & I will make its way back to the schedule at "a later date," but doesn't specifically note when that will happen. It's no mystery that this is the kind of thing that happens to shows on the way to getting cancelled, and if that's the case, we might see Me, Myself & I airing the rest of its produced episodes during the Christmas holiday hiatus, or possibly being moved to Friday/Saturday nights. A delay until the summer wouldn't be extremely out of the question, either, and CBS could very easily just port the show over to its CBS All Access streaming service without any more linear TV episodes.

On Me, Myself & I, viewers got to witness three different life-changing timespans in the life of the foible-heavy inventor Alex, as played by Bobby Moynihan in the present, IT standout Jack Dylan Grazer in the past, and sitcom legend John Larroquette in the future. (We're hoping that Grazer, seen above, gets all kinds of new roles if this show does indeed get cancelled soon.) The show, which also starred Family Matters vet Jaleel White and NYPD Blue's Sharon Lawrence, started off impressively enough when it debuted in September, but after that, both the viewership and the key demo rating saw noticeable dips that usually indicate an early exit for a CBS series.

Interestingly enough, the Mark Feuerstein-starring 9JKL was one of the most-panned new shows of the 2017-2018 season. But it has managed to maintain a higher viewership than Me, Myself & I on the whole, and a slightly higher demo rating. So that's likely what saved 9JKL from being the new show pulled from the Monday night schedule.

So for now, there's no Me, Myself & I to look forward to on CBS, but you can see Man with a Plan debuting its second season on Monday, November 13, at 8:30 p.m. ET. And with The Big Bang Theory moving to Thursdays this week (and boasting a beloved guest star), you can keep watching the just-returned Monday sitcom Superior Donuts at 9:00 p.m. ET. Check out everything else that's coming back in the coming months with our fall TV premiere schedule.

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