After over a year of patiently waiting, Stranger Things fans were finally awarded last weekend. Because Stranger Things 2 has finally arrived, bringing nine new episodes and a heartbreaking and horrifying new adventure in Hawkins, Indiana. But given the mysterious nature of the show's mythos (and the need to set up a third installment), there are still a ton of questions that fans will be left with after binge watching. We'll no doubt dissect and discuss every possibility until a new series of episodes is released, and smart money says these eight are at the top of your mind.

Is Steve Cool With Nancy And Jonathan?

One of the more relatable and low stake plot lines in the past two seasons of Stranger Things revolves around the love triangle of Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve. Nancy and Jonathan's connection was palpable from the show's very first episodes, although she ended up picking Steve at the end of Season 1. Stranger Things 2 continued this conflict, as Nancy's lack of strong feelings for Jonathan was made clear when she got drunk at a Halloween party. And after Nancy and Jonathan went on their mission to expose the truth about Barb's disappearance, they finally physically connected and ended up together. Steve handled the rejection like a champ, but is he actually friends with the new couple? Or is he too busy hanging out with the boys in Mike's basement? We'll have to wait and see.

What About Bob?

Sean Astin's Bob Newby was Season 2's big victim. After dating Joyce for a few months prior to the season's opening, he ended up getting involved in the main conflict with the Shadow Monster. He actually managed to take the craziness of the season in stride, and in the penultimate conflict at Hawkins Lab, he was killed trying to save Joyce and her sons' lives. Although he almost made it out of the lab alive, one dropped mop ultimately ended with the demodogs ripping him to shreds while Joyce watched in horror. While we were privy to her grieving process, it's unclear if Bob left any friends or family behind. He also ran Hawkins' Radio Shack, so there should be people noticing his disappearance. So he may end up being the Barb of the season after all, with his death having implications for Joyce's motivation in Season 3.

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