Warning: GIGANTIC SPOILERS AHEAD for all of Stranger Things Season 2. If you haven't watched the full season yet, you may want to check out until you get the chance to watch.

After more than a year of hiatus, Stranger Things finally returned to Netflix with a brand new season on October 27, and an awful lot happened. Between the brand new monster and his Upside Down army, the Hawkins conspiracy, Will's prolonged suffering, and Eleven's journey, we have plenty to keep us talking while we wait for Season 3. The second season was chock full of callbacks to Season 1 and references to everything 80s, and it was easy to miss things. So, read on for our breakdown of key details that you may have missed in Season 2 of Stranger Things.

The Arcade Foreshadowing

Just like in Season 1, one of the very first scenes of the season featured the four boys of Stranger Things playing games. Instead of Dungeons and Dragons, however, the boys hit up the local arcade for some games. First, Dustin played Dragon's Lair to try and save the Princess Daphne. When he failed, Lucas made fun of him and bragged that Princess Daphne was still his, foreshadowing that he would beat Dustin for Max's affections. The other two games mentioned were Dig Dug and Centipede. Dig Dug is filled with tunnels, just as Season 2 would prominently feature tunnels. As for Centipede, the game pits the player against a big centipede that can break up into smaller critters until the screen is filled with centipedes. The Shadow Monster/Mind Flayer had a hive mind that allowed it to send its demodogs after all the characters.

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