How Stranger Things' New Monsters Compare To The Demogorgon, According To Shawn Levy

Eleven and the demogorgon in Stranger Things' finale

As summer shows begin premiering, Netflix's many subscribers are likely looking to the premiere of Stranger Things Season 2. Unfortunately, the series will return in the fall this year, adding a few more excruciating months of waiting. But as Season 2 slowly approaches, the cast and creative will be able to reveal more about the massively popular series. The first teaser for Season 2 accompanied this year's Super Bowl, and briefly showed a giant new monster walking around Hawkins. Now one Stranger Things producer/director has addresses the new creatures, and they sound intense.

Shawn Levy is an executive producer and director on Stranger Things, so he knows what to expect from Season 2. Speaking with Gold Derby, Levy revealed that the Demogorgon is just the tip of the iceberg. He said,

Will Byers is very much at the center of several intersecting challenges and threats in Season 2, and I think overall the kind of forces of evil that are inherent in Season 2 make that Demogorgon look quaint in retrospect.

I don't know about you, but the wait until Stranger Things' October premiere date suddenly feels like an eternity away. Because while the residents of Hawkins, Indiana seemed to have a happy(ish) ending in Season 1's finale, it looks like thing are going to get stranger and stranger in its sophomore season.

The Demogorgon was a pretty terrifying force in Season 1, so I shudder to think about what other malevolent forces will emerge from The Upside Down in Season 2. But the Demogorgon typically only attacked one victim at a time, allowing for the rest of the town's residents to remain temporarily safe. But the teaser for Season 2 contained a massive new monster that presumably has the potential to decimate the town. And Shawn Levy mentioned multiple forces of evil, so the giant monster might not be the only thing killing off cast members.

The new Stranger Things monster from the Superbowl Ad

Another aspect of Shawn Levy's statement that is particularly interesting is the mention of Will Byers. While Joyce and Hopper were able to rescue him from the Upside Down, it soon became clear that he's not the same carefree boy he once was. As the family sits down for Christmas dinner, Will temporarily excuses himself to the restroom. It's here that he regurgitates a slug like creature, while also briefly flashing back to the Upside Down.

And now it turns out that whatever abilities or side affects that resulted from Will's time in the Upside Down will affect Season 2's overall narrative. Perhaps he wasn't supposed to return home, and he brought something insidious back with him. Or he's the new Eleven, and will have to harness new abilities to save the day.

Stranger Things will release Season 2 in full on October 31st over at Netflix. In the meantime, check out our summer premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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