Why One Of Carrie Fisher's Final Family Guy Performances Was So Hilariously Gross

Family Guy

Late last year, Carrie Fisher passed away and she's still greatly missed. However, fans of her work still have a few more chances to hear from her, not only in the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but also in Family Guy. Fisher voiced Peter Griffin's boss, Angela, and the actress recorded episodes that have still yet to air. The second to last of these will air this Sunday and executive producer Steve Callaghan spoke about working with Fisher for the episode. In true Fisher fashion, it was hilarious, and in true Family Guy fashion, it was hilariously gross.

But I think probably my favorite version of her firing Peter is the Michael Bay [segment], which culminates with Angela and Peter engaging in the grossest, longest French kiss you've ever seen. [Laughs] So having to direct her to make those noises was hilarious. We were all just cracking up, because I remember saying to her, "Okay, so now Angela is kissing Peter, and it's just wet and lots of tongue," and she just jumped right into these ridiculously gross but hilarious noises. And it just went on for awhile, but we kept laughing with each new iteration of it. It was actually a lot of fun sorting through those different Carrie Fisher noises and figuring out which would be just the right level of saliva and grossness.

This week's episode of Family Guy is called "Three Directors," and it involves three different segments of Angela firing Peter filmed in the style of Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, and Michael Bay. Executive producer Steve Callaghan loved everything Fisher did in the episode, but he especially loved watching her record the Michael Bay segment. In addition to probably having plenty of explosions and muscles, there's going to be some real sexy French kissing. Callaghan told Fisher that it would need to be "wet and with lots of tongue" and Fisher ran with it to the moon. Watching Fisher make the gross noises was a delight for Callaghan. Oh, to be a fly on that recording booth wall.

Steve Callaghan told Entertainment Weekly that he loved working with Carrie Fisher on the episode and had to praise her performance in each of the three segments. Not only was she able to nail loud tongue kissing, but she also excelled at the subtler Wes Anderson parts -- pretty much the polar opposite of Michael Bay.

I love the way that she delivers the lines in which she fires Peter in the style of Wes Anderson because she nailed, in my opinion, what those movies are and the acting styles that's contained within them. I love Wes Anderson movies, but even he would admit that sometimes his characters speak in ways that are not like humans speak. She comes in dressed in this odd get-up that we've never seen her wear before, and says, "You're relieved of your position." It's like, who fires someone that way? Beyond just the words themselves, her delivery of it was perfect, just the right balance of realistic, but stilted and oddly distant.

You can watch Carrie Fisher's second to last appearance on Family Guy this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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