Family Guy Will Actually Address The Deaths Of Carrie Fisher And Adam West

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Family Guy has a history of recruiting major celebs to voice roles on the series, and it landed two greats over the years with Carrie Fisher and Adam West. Sadly, both legends passed away in the past year. The good news is that both had already recorded for future episodes of Family Guy at the times of their passing, and we'll still get to hear them in the new season. The Carrie Fisher episode was shown at the Family Guy panel at the recent New York Comic Con, and it featured Adam West. Executive producer Richard Appel had this to say about Fisher and West in the new season:

That will be Carrie's last episode, but not Adam West's. The last direction we were able to give her was, 'It's a deep french kiss with Peter Griffin, go wild.' She was as game for this as she always was over the years, and we're going to have a farewell for Carrie in a little while, and another for Adam West later on this season.

On Family Guy, Carrie Fisher played a character by the name of Angela, who was Peter's hilariously sexually aggressive boss at the Pawtucket Brewery. We never knew what we were going to get with Angela in a given episode, but we could always count on her being quite inappropriate with her underling. Judging by Richard Appel's comments at NYCC, Angela will be no less aggressive in Fisher's final performance, and she'll get pretty far if she's making out with Peter. While the episode hasn't aired on Fox just yet, it sounds pretty funny.

Even better, it seems that Family Guy intends to give a specific farewell to Carrie Fisher and Adam West later in the current Season 16, although they won't be the same tribute. My guess is that the tribute to Fisher will air either following or before her final episode, while the tribute to West may be held until his final episode later in the season.

A big question is how the show will handle these farewells to the two legends. Family Guy aired an episode with an "In loving memory" title card after Carrie Fisher passed away, and a special video was put together in honor of Adam West, who played a version of himself as mayor of Quahog. It should be interesting to see the direction the Family Guy team goes with their farewells in Season 16.

Tune in to Fox on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET to catch the latest and greatest that Family Guy has to offer. It's still going strong in Season 16, and there seems to be plenty of material in store for the rest of the season. For your other viewing options now and in the not-too-distant future, take a look at our fall TV guide. If one more episode of Family Guy isn't enough of a Carrie Fisher fix for you, you can find her in The Last Jedi in December.

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