TV is at a point where seemingly more high-quality shows exist now than there were total TV shows 20 years ago. As such, viewers need to spend their time wisely, and the wise ones should definitely be tuned into USA's new neo-western drama Damnation, which takes audiences back to the Great Depression for a relatively complex and layered look at one of our country's most harrowing economic collapses. Lest that sound boring to anyone, it's also a blood-soaked tale of rebellion, manipulation and questionable patriotism.

Damnation recently debuted on USA, where Mr. Robot has earned the network's most widespread acclaim in years, and the western managed to bring in a bigger audience than the tech-based drama did with its own recent premiere. Having seen the first four episodes, I present three spoiler-free reasons why Damnation's audience should be getting bigger and bigger each week, since this is a show that everyone should be watching.

It's A Proper Successor To Justified And Deadwood

Though the western genre was all the rage in the first half of the 20th century (and then some), TV viewers don't get a whole lot of new projects adhered to that period aesthetic. But even with its "Iowa in the 1930s" setting, Damnation still feels like a story plucked from the Wild West and given a slight makeover. Creator Tony Tost has been a writer and producer for the similarly dusty drama Longmire, so it makes a ton of sense that Damnation is such a fantastic neo-western successor to FX's Justified and HBO's Deadwood, even without Timothy Olyphant as part of the main cast.

Fitting with the former, the show boasts a pair of men sharing a deep relationship despite being polar opposites, and Damnation matches up with the latter by way of its brothels, violence and use of the word "cocksucker." (USA does not get strict with the censorship in the least, so keep the kids' ears covered.) Even though Justified didn't end so long ago, we're still waiting for its potential future return, and our anticipation is even bigger for the in-the-works Deadwood TV movie. But even if neither one of those returns happens for a while, at least Damnation is here to soothe our parched imaginations.

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