Mr. Robot Season 3 Is Getting Delayed, But There Is Some Good News

USA had a hit of a summer series over the past couple of years thanks to Mr. Robot. The first season debuted in June 2015 and the second hit the airwaves in July 2016, and many fans expected the third season to premiere sometime this summer as well. Unfortunately, that won't be the case. Mr. Robot will leave fans waiting for an extra couple of months. Luckily, there's some good news in the form of a new member of the cast. Bobby Cannavale will be on board when Season 3 kicks off.

The third season of Mr. Robot is slated to hit the airwaves this October. Production will begin in April. TVLine reports that executive producer Sam Esmail will direct the entire season, which will run for 10 episodes. This will be the second time that Esmail has helmed an entire season; he already directed all 12 episodes of Season 2. Given that Esmail hass established that he knows how he wants the series to end in a few years, I'd say that Season 3 is in good hands. Hopefully he can do as solid a job with all 10 episodes of Season 3 as he did with all 12 episodes of Season 2. He will have a brand new actor to direct.

vinyl hbo bobby cannavale

Bobby Cannavale has signed on to join Mr. Robot as a regular in the upcoming third season. He'll play a character named Irving, who is a used car salesman with a low tolerance for shenanigans and speechifying. Details are currently pretty scarce, but Cannavale's casting definitely counts as good news. He has a wide variety of experience in large and small screen work, with projects ranging from Boardwalk Empire to Nurse Jackie to Ant-Man. His most recent TV project prior to signing on for Mr. Robot Season 3 was as the leading man on HBO's short-lived series Vinyl, which got the axe after one season.

Irving sounds like a character we haven't exactly seen Cannavale play before, so it should be fun to see what he does with the part and how he fits in with the existing cast. Considering that he's already been signed as a regular, we should see plenty of him when the show finally returns this fall. We'll also likely see a lot more of an existing character in Season 3, as BD Wong has been promoted from recurring to regular.

The news of the delay for Mr. Robot Season 3 is definitely unfortunate for those of us who were counting on the series coming back to the airwaves this summer, but at least we know that we'll have Bobby Cannavale on board when the show does return. Check out our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what you can watch to pass the time while we wait for more Mr. Robot.

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