Designated Survivor Is Giving Kiefer Sutherland A Big 24 Reunion In Season 2

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Designated Survivor has had a paradoxically smooth and bumpy ride since its beginning, but despite the behind the scenes drama and the occasional ratings concerns, it still managed to get a Season 2. Now, the series is offsetting the upcoming loss of one of its major stars by bringing in a former 24 actress to play a big role in some upcoming episodes this season. The series has tapped Kim Raver to enter the show as Andrea Frost, a tech guru with a description comparable to some of today's biggest names in tech.

TVLine reports Kim Raver's Andrea Frost is an engineer/entrepreneur and her company, Apache Aerospace, is the top of the food-chain in the tech industry. While no details were shared about how exactly Raver's character will fit into the fold, it is being reported that her character will play a part in a major story arc throughout the remainder of Season 2 of Designated Survivor. There's no word on when fans of the series (or 24) can expect to see Raver, but with the casting just now getting out to press, it would be safe to speculate her appearance will come right around or after the midseason finale.

For Kiefer Sutherland, this will be the first time he's appeared alongside Kim Raver since the two were together in the revival 24: Live Another Day. Raver played the on and off again lover of Jack Bauer, Audrey Boudreau, in Season's 4-6, and, without getting into spoilers, things did not end too well for the two. Hopefully, things go a little better for Raver's character in Designated Survivor, and, considering her character is being likened to a female Elon Musk, it sounds more than likely that things will be better this time around.

ABC fans will note Designated Survivor isn't the only drama Raver's been a part of on the network lately, as she just recently finished a comeback run on Grey's Anatomy. Outside of network television, Raver was also on the latest season of Ray Donovan, so it appears her agent knows the ins and outs of landing her high profile television roles. Of course, Kim Raver is also an incredible actress, and that will always catch the attention of casting agents.

Designated Survivor is all new November 15th at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. It's just one of the many television shows fans of drama should be watching as the fall season continues, and there's much more to come. Stay on top of all the latest and greatest television premieres by visiting our fall premiere guide. For a look at shows that just couldn't quite cut the mustard in 2017, we also have a 2017 cancellation guide in memoriam to shows some may have already forgotten.

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