Grey’s Anatomy Is Bringing Back A Major Character After Years

Teddy in the main lobby of the hospital

There are long running TV shows, and there's behemoths like ABC's Grey's Anatomy. The massively popular medical drama will be entering its whopping 14th season this fall, complete with more tears, surgeries, and non-stop drama. Through the show's long tenure, we've seen a variety of talented and emotionally flawed surgeons walk the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, although most of the actors who have left the series have been killed off in heartbreaking episodes. One of the few surgeons to actually leave Seattle without any emergency situation is Kim Raver's Teddy Altman, Owen's friend form the Army who served as Cristina's post-Burke cardio god. And now it looks like Teddy will be back for Season 14.

This news comes to us from Deadline, who is reporting that actress Kim Raver has signed on to reprise her role in Grey's Anatomy. While she won't be returning as a series regular, Raver's Teddy will be back for a multi-episode arc in the upcoming season. This is pretty exciting news for the many Grey's fans out there, who (save for Addison) typically don't get to catch up with surgeons after they depart the series.

When we last saw Teddy in Season 8, she was fired by then-chief Owen Hunt. While that might seem cold, it was actually a mercy firing, as Teddy was unable to work in the hospital without seeing her dead husband Henry (Scott Foley). The two met when Henry was her patient, and therefore every corner of Grey Sloan Memorial was like adding lemon juice to a cut. With Owen helping her make her decision, Teddy was then able to take the chief job at MEDCOM.

Teddy's upcoming return to Grey's Anatomy obviously has to do with the introduction of Owen's long lost sister. In Season 13's finale, it was discovered that Megan was actually alive, to Owen's complete shock. Originally unable to believe this discovery, Amelia mentions that Teddy confirmed that the patient was indeed Owen's sister and Riggs' ex-girlfriend.

While the Megan/Owen plot line might seem a bit far fetched, adding Teddy to the equation should help make the upcoming narrative more cohesive and logical. The more characters who know Owen's sister, the better; we haven't heard much about the character besides Nathan's role in her disappearance. Smart money says we're going into an Owen-centric season, which an exciting way to keep his relationship with Amelia interesting.

News of Kim Raver's return to Grey's Anatomy comes just one day after it was announced that she'll be playing yet another surgeon on the small screen. Raver is set for a multi-episode arc in Showtime's Ray Donovan this season. Talk about typecast, huh?

Grey's Anatomy will return for Season 14 sometime in the fall, although a premiere date hasn't yet been released. Be sure to check back with us for updated on the upcoming season, and check out our summer premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

Corey Chichizola
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