Dynasty Just Got Some Great News From The CW

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The Dynasty reboot, which seems to have been in talks for ages, is finally airing on The CW. While former actors of the original series may not be big fans of the rebooted retelling of the Carrington family, apparently someone is as the series recently received some good news. The freshman series was granted a full season order and will have 22 episodes in total for Season 1.

The news, which was reported by TVLine, comes as a bit of a surprise considering the ratings for Dynasty have not been as glamorous as the show's outfits. Even with Riverdale's increased viewership in Season 2 as a lead-in, the show has yet to bring in more than the 1.26 million viewers that tuned in at its premiere, and the more recent episodes have seen audiences numbers in the mid to low 700,000's. Show's like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend have survived on The CW with ratings lower than that, however, so it's not as though the news is a complete shock.

Dynasty will be the only Freshman drama on The CW receiving a renewal, as Monday night drama Valor will be getting capped off at just 13 episodes. That decision is a little bizarre, considering the viewership for Valor is consistently higher than Dynasty, although their ratings share in the key demo (18-49) are about the same. The defining factor could be the fact that the reboot drama comes from the Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, which has to count for something given that show's continued interest even today.

With a full season order of 22 episodes, Dynasty fans will at the very least see what becomes of the insane amount of drama the show has lined up in five episodes. There are literally so many things happening its difficult to keep track of, but last episode's biggest cliffhanger saw Blake Carrington accidentally hitting the widow of his former coworker with his car. While some in the real world might see that as a genuine accident, the fact that a sex tape showing Blake's wife Cristal sleeping with the widow's husband (whose death may or may not have been caused by Blake) might cause some to think otherwise. For those currently thinking that's bonkers, it's only one storyline the show is working at the moment!

Dynasty has a new episode this Wednesday, November 15th at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. The Carrington's aren't the only ones having drama on Wednesday nights, as the Riverdale cast is still trying to figure out who the Black Hood is. Read who we think the killer is, or have a look at what other new fall shows are coming out on our fall premiere guide. For more on 2017 shows that didn't survive the year, visit our cancellation guide.

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