Justin Long And Rob Huebel Get Into Nude Fight In Hilarious Exclusive Clip From Do You Want To See A Dead Body?

If "smart stupid comedy" was an official sub-genre, and if that sub-genre had a literal poster boy, it would be Human Giant and Childrens Hospital vet Rob Huebel. The scene-stealing comedian has a new show coming out for YouTube Red called Do You Want to See a Dead Body?, based on his Funny or Die shorts, and it looks to be about as hilariously insipid as TV can get, which means we can't wait for its November 15 premiere. In fact, we've got an exclusive clip below from one episode guest-starring Justin Long. Fair warning: there's pixelated nudity here, but it's largely safe for work.

The whole concept behind Do You Want to See a Dead Body? involves Rob Huebel asking a celebrity if they want to go see a dead body. But instead of the coming-of-age humbling inspired by Stand By Me's similar journey, this show goes on much weirder and sillier adventures. Like, for instance, Huebel taking Justin Long out to find a corpse and taking a detour to a nude beach first.

It's not often (or ever) that a TV show dives into the hidden world of one of Mother Nature's most undesirable creatures: the nude beach bully. But Do You Want to See a Dead Body? bravely went there, with Broad City's John Gemberling and another Childrens Hospital vet, Seth Morris, playing the unclothed and overly protective troublemakers. To think that there are beachcombers like that out there in the world, going around and slapping innocent corpse-seeking men's bare chests and putting a vengeful power-grip on their testicles...well, it just gives me the chills.

In hindsight, even before this episode was teased in the first trailer for Do You Want to See a Dead Body?, we all should have known that the show would feature a nude beach brawl. How else would we get to see Rob Huebel giving one of his fabulously loud howls? Okay, so there are probably a few other ways to make it happen not involving some dudes' junk flopping about by the seaside, and we might very well get to see some other big screams in the season. But this one still felt inevitable.

For its first season on YouTube Red, Do You Want to See a Dead Body? will obviously star Rob Huebel, but we also know he'll be joined by a bunch of other funny people like Terry Crews, Judy Greer, Adam Scott, Rob Scheer, Alexandra Daddario, John Cho, Danny Pudi, Adam Pally, Joe Lo Truglio and more! That's basically the best guest cast list on TV, so don't be a dumb-dumb by going out and looking for your own dead bodies when Rob Huebel is already ready and willing to show you several of them.

Do You Want to See a Dead Body? premieres on YouTube Red on Wednesday, November 15. Maybe you'll hear something about the show soon on our To see what other shows are yet to premiere in 2017, head to our fall TV premiere schedule. And to see what's not coming back, check out our 2017 cancellation rundown.

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