Supergirl Will Introduce A Very Evil Comic Book Villain In Season 3

Tormock DC Comics

It's been a whirlwind of reveals in the past week for Supergirl Season 3. Fans learned that the show will finally be bringing the Legion Of Super-Heroes into the mix, and the show said goodbye to a major character, which was still difficult even though we knew it was coming. Now, a recent Season 3 casting call has leaked out the information that Supergirl is about to pull yet another baddie from the comics with at least one member of the evil alien race, the Tormocks.

Supergirl is reportedly looking for a female aged 20-40, according to The Hashtag Show, with no emphasis on ethnicity for the villainous part. Noted as being of a guest-starring capacity, the role is described as a tough and brutal Amazonian-like alien prisoner who engages in a "violent fight."

The name Tormock refers to an entire race in the DC universe, so no specifics can be drawn as to who this character may be outside of her alien history. Given that race's history includes the systematic rape and plunder of inhabited worlds, it doesn't sound like this character's arrival is good news for the Supergirl team.

Despite the oogly picture seen above, the Tormocks kind of resemble humans. It's likely the Supergirl character would be utilizing a trait all of the Tormocks share that makes them especially threatening. Tormocks can shapeshift, as well as infuse themselves with inanimate objects, in order to gain strength or disguise their appearance. Obviously, it's going to be very hard to contain a prisoner that can do these things, which is probably why this Tormock will get in a "violent fight," presumably during an escape attempt.

There aren't many notable standalone Tormocks to speak of in the DC lore, let alone female Tormocks. One in particular that pops up is Empress Karine, who at one point captured Green Lantern Guy Gardner in hopes of "breeding" with him. Her appearance would be cool, although a little too big of a character to be imprisoned without other Tormocks trying to go after her. So barring the casting of a bunch of other Tormock, it's likely this Supergirl villainess just happens to be some random alien beast in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Supergirl is all new on The CW on Monday, November 20, at 8:00 p.m. ET. After that episode, the entire Arrow-verse will come together for one mega-crossover that looks even more epic in the promo than we've previously assumed. Read more about how Kara and Alex play into all that here or the new hero that will be making his debut in the crossover. For more shows to get excited about as the fall season begins to wind down, visit our fall premiere guide. For a look at a gaggle of shows that were unable to escape 2017, visit our cancellation guide.

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