DC Hero The Ray Has Been Cast For The Big Arrow-Verse Crossover

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DC hero The Ray has been cast for the big Arrow-verse crossover, and they tapped a veteran of ABC's Quantico to portray him. Russell Tovey has been tapped to play the hero, and it looks like he will give a lot more energy to this already stacked Arrow-verse crossover. Here's what we know about The Ray, and where else the hero will be appearing outside of the big crossover episode planned for late November.

Recent reports have indicated that Russell Tovey's version of The Ray will be the more contemporary version of the hero. For those unaware of the difference between the classic version of The Ray and the modern hero, he is essentially unchanged with the exception that the modern version of Ray Terrill is openly gay. The Ray will jump into action with the Arrow-verse later this year as they take on evil versions of themselves for a two-night crossover event.

While this is, so far, the only time audiences will get to see Russell Tovey in live-action as The Ray, the actor will also be portraying the character in an animated series airing on CW Seed. Titled, Freedom Fighters: The Ray, he will use his special light-based abilities to help fight injustice on Earth X, which is where the evil superhero squad teased for the mega-crossover hails from. It seems like whatever situation causes the doppelgangers to invade the world of the Arrow-verse we know, The Ray is somehow tied to it.

As for what Russell Tovey's hero brings to the table in terms of strength, The Ray is capable of absorbing, storing, and processing light to great effect. He can use the light to fly, as well as create destructive bursts of radiation, and his supply of light is seemingly endless. If fighting isn't an option, The Ray can use his abilities to make himself, as well as other groups of individuals, appear invisible and even create illusions to confuse enemies. Ray is also capable of using light to make himself completely invulnerable and heal any physical damage that his body sustains. In short, he's a great guy to have around when the Arrow-verse is going up against arguably their toughest set of villains to date.

The Arrow-verse mega-crossover event is scheduled to kick off with Supergirl November 27th at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Two characters, in particular, have been teased to be especially important in this series of episodes, although the comic book cover teasing the episode might leave fans questioning why it's those two over Barry and Iris. Read up on that or perhaps more on how the showrunners felt challenged trying to find a topic to "beat" last years crossover. Finally, fans should ensure they're locked in on all the return dates of their favorite shows on The CW by visiting our fall premiere guide.

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