Major spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't yet watched the entirety of The Punisher Season 1. Do not read on if you have episodes left to go.

With the five shows comprising Marvel's Defenders-verse, Netflix proved it was more than fine with making the generally cheery comic book world as dark, dangerous and sanguinary as possible. It's likely few were shocked to see The Punisher is on a whole other level when it comes to the brooding brutality, both with and without deadly weapons involved. (Though anything is technically a deadly weapon in Frank Castle's presence.) Carrying on the tradition that Daredevil set a few years ago, The Punisher delivered a full season of feral fist-fights, garish gunfights and one particularly memorable brawl involving a sledgehammer. Without any superpowered teammates, too.

Since Frank is the kind of many who doesn't put a whole lot of stock in "further ado," let's jump right into the biggest and most badass fights of The Punisher Season 1. And remember that all the season's battles and brawls were up for contention here, not just the fisticuffs-only fights.

11. The Ball-Gag Bonanza - Ep. 7

The Punisher was largely more focused on hyper-violence and its conspiratorial plotline than it was in its characters getting down and dirty between the sheets, but Billy and Madani carried on a sexual relationship, and Micro totally pulled his dong out for Frank. Then there was this pre-coitus interruptus showdown, which started with Colonel Morty Bennett looking to relax with his dominatrix for a calm night of floor-licking and spankings. Frank spoiled the mood with his need to hack Bennett's phone, and the Anvil security team showed up to take Frank out (complete with pink laser lights), but our hero made short work of these soldiers in non-lethal ways. He also added some insult to the shameful Bennett's injury by slapping and punching him right in the face.

10. The Hotel Showdown - Ep. 10

An easy standout for the season, The Punisher's "Virtue of the Vicious" heist plot aimed for heightened dramatic effect by messing with the hotel-centered timeline of Senator Ori and Karen's gun control convo. Daniel Webber's militant bomber Lewis single-handedly infiltrated the Anvil team, managing to take Karen hostage for a while before finally blowing himself up. But before that, Frank got to show off just how seemingly unbreakable he is taking out cops in a stairwell, and by leaping down the middle of a stairwell using a firehose as a half-ass bungee cord. (He also hung a corpse on his back to block bullets, which also scored points.) Admittedly, the episode's fractured timing split the action up, thus making the episode's placement here challengeable. But I'm sticking with it.

9. Lewis Vs. Curtis - Ep. 9

In The Punisher's first season, two characters on opposite ends of the same spectrum were the PTSD-ridden Lewis Walcott and the more comfortably acclimated Curtis Hoyle. And though Curtis only wanted to help the younger soldier, Lewis was too far gone by the time Curtis discovered O'Connor's corpse. Quick as it was, the ensuing domestic brawl between the two men was well choreographed, and it immediately went from a cheer-worthy fight to something much more horrifying, with Lewis using Curtis' own prosthetic leg to beat his face into a swollen pulp. I felt slightly sickened during that scene, thinking that Curtis was indeed dead by the end of it, but he definitely lived. And I possibly had a repeat feeling of nausea whenever we saw his jacked-up face again.

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