One Of The Gifted's Mutants Will Go Through Some Major Changes Soon

Emma Dumont as Polaris on The Gifted

Mutant abilities are a tricky thing in the X-Men universe. They awaken at random times, they can be difficult to control, and then there are certain cases when the abilities evolve. Lorna Dane, a.k.a. Polaris, has proven quite adept at using her magnetism powers on The Gifted, but in a few weeks, she'll find that her powers will significantly change, making her an even bigger force to be reckoned with. When CinemaBlend recently chatted with actress Emma Dumont on what's coming up for Polaris on The Gifted, I asked her what other developments are in store for her character's powers. This was her response:

After this whole finding out she's pregnant thing, I call it mother's adrenaline sort of kicks in, so everything changes for her after that emotionally, which means her powers change because she's feeling more...but I think later on in the season, towards Episode 9, we actually see her powers totally change. It's almost like she's having a second manifestation of her powers. She had one when she was very young, and now it's almost like she's having a second one. And her powers change completely. She can do more things, she has different hand movements, she's stronger, she realizes she can do more. It's a whole transformation, and I'm excited to see what people think.

Lorna Dane learned from Reed Strucker in The Gifted's pilot that she was pregnant with Marcos Diaz's (a.k.a. Eclipse) baby. Having life grow inside of you is hard enough when living a normal life, but Lorna's life is anything but normal, as she's on the run and leading a mutant underground movement. As a result of the pregnancy, Lorna's mutant abilities have subtly changed, but judging by Emma Dumont's comment above, things will be kicking up a few notches. The actress didn't reveal if there are any other factors that play into Polaris' power boost, but it sounds like the character will become even more like another Master of Magnetism from the X-Men world.

Although the X-Men and Brotherhood have been referenced numerous times on The Gifted, none of its members have appeared because they disappeared under mysterious circumstances. However, just like in the comics, Magneto is Lorna's father in the TV show, though they don't have the greatest relationship, to put it lightly. Nevertheless, Magneto's natural magnetic abilities and his skill with manipulating them make him one of the most mightiest mutants on the planet, and while Lorna is certainly formidable in her current state, this manifestation Emma Dumont mentioned points towards her moving closer to her dad's power levels. Perhaps there will even come a day when she surpasses him.

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