Julianne Hough Is Dancing From Reality TV To Scripted TV For A New Show

Julianne Hough Dancing With The Stars ABC

For years, Julianne Hough has been most known as both a dancer and judge on Dancing With The Stars, but now she's stepping out from reality TV in hopes of being a star of her own show. Hough just signed on to star in a single-camera comedy pilot that, if it goes well, could become a series at Fox. Hough has managed to wow judges in the past with her dancing, can she do the same with executives with her pilot One Hit Wendy?

Variety reports One Hit Wendy's pilot will put Julianne Hough in the title character. As the title might imply, Wendy was a "one-hit wonder" musical artist who peaked at age 18. Now older, Wendy will attempt to guide her niece Jordan through the music industry, and try to prevent her from making mistakes she made when she was a star. In addition to starring, Hough also joins the pilot as an executive producer alongside Lesley Wake Webster, who wrote the project. Wake Webster's former writing credits for Fox include New Girl and American Dad, and she also written for other comedies across network television such as the CBS series Life In Pieces.

If it gets picked up, One Hit Wendy would make for the third scripted series Fox is airing that centers around the world of music. The network is already home to Empire and Star, which have crossed over with each other in the past. Creator of the two Lee Daniels doesn't have a hand in the production of One Hit Wendy, so its unknown if the show will ever find itself crossing paths with the other two should it get a series order.

Should One Hit Wendy get a series order from Fox, it will be Hough's first starring role on a television program since she played the part of Sandy Young in Grease Live! in 2016. Beyond that, Hough's had some experience with scripted television as a guest star on Speechless, although a bulk of her scripted acting stints have been in the world of film. Among other roles, Hough has starred in the 2011 reboot of Footloose, played an extra in Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone, and is currently a part of the body-building film Bigger.

One Hit Wendy just has a pilot order for now from Fox, so no release date for it is coming (if at all) anytime soon. Julianne Hough recently announced she will return as a guest judge on Dancing With The Stars in the Season 25 finals November 20 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Check that out, and visit our fall premiere guide for a list of other shows to watch. Folks can also check out our midseason premiere guide for a look ahead at TV in 2018, or our cancellation guide for a look at shows that have been canceled in 2017.

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