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Lady Gorgon Marvel

With Season 1 of Iron Fist widely regarded by critics as one of the worst Marvel/Netflix collaborations to date, the show will have a chance to redeem itself as Netflix granted the series a Season 2. Those chances of redemption might have gotten better, as information hitting the web may have revealed who the series is looking to use for the villain in the upcoming season. It appears that Marvel is attempting to cast an actress to play skilled swordsman and assassin for The Hand Lady Gorgon to take on Dany Rand when the show returns for Season 2.

The speculation stems from a casting call for Iron Fist that looks to add a series regular to the show. The character, who is code-named Tanya Parker, is described as a late 20s freelance covert operative who has carried out many high-level missions. Marvel, who states the casting is open ethnicity, adds that Tanya is adept at blending in and playing whatever part she needs to complete a mission.

Based on that information, folks like That Hashtag Show are speculating the role is Lady Gorgon, aka Tanya Adrian. Minus the first names matching, Lady Gorgon has a strong connection to The Hand, who play a big part in the storyline of Iron Fist. Beyond her skill as an assassin, Lady Gorgon is also a telepath who is able to control and manipulate the minds of her enemies and uses that ability to make her foes experience great emotional pain in battle. In the comics, Lady Gorgon was hired by Jigsaw to kill Frank Castle but ultimately met her end after being killed by Master Yoshiokya, a leader of The Hand.

While Lady Gorgon appears to be a prime suspect for the villain in Iron Fist Season 2, there are other Marvel villains who fit the bill as well. Other suggestions thrown out included Black Mamba, or perhaps a female version of the Marvel villain Scimitar. There's also the chance that this person could be a new character entirely, and someone who might actually be a hero and not a villain. While that feels unlikely, really the only thing that is known at this time is the information that has been put out in the casting call, so anything is possible.

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