The Best Digital TV Packages For Consumers, According To One Analyst

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Cable TV was once the place to be for the best and brightest of the small screen, but there are a lot of options nowadays thanks to the advent of digital television. Digital TV packages allow consumers to choose from a variety of channels to watch via internet data, similarly to what Netflix has done with great success over the years. Cutting the cable cord is becoming more and more popular, largely thanks to the many options of straightforward packages and the ease of watching without a cable box or satellite dish. Of course, cord-cutters do have a lot of packages to choose from, and it can be hard to discern which are better than others. Fortunately, one analyst has figured out the company that just might deliver the best to consumers.

Analyst John C. Hodulik of UBS has compared the price and desirability of the digital TV packages currently available to figure out which companies offer plans with the greatest possible appeal. The analysis takes into account how many hours a person spends watching TV and how much you pay per month for the TV you watch. In the analysis of the major digital distributors, UBS came to the conclusion that DirecTV is the big winner.

DirecTV actually offers a number of different bundles, and the UBS analysis (via Business Insider) rates all of them quite well when it comes to price and desirability. The DirecTV Now "Gotta Have It" package ranks the highest when it comes to desirability, although it has one of the highest price tags of digital streaming packages. The DTV package "Now Go Big" is only slightly behind "Gotta Have It" in desirability but costs a bit less. DTV Now's "Just Right" is a bit cheaper and behind in desirability. The package with the greatest balance between reasonable price and content appeal is DTV Now's "Live a Little." Basically, if you're looking to cut your cord and/or explore digital TV, DirectTV Now could be a great fit.

Coming in behind DirecTV Now under the UBS analysis is Sony PlayStation Vue. While the "Ultra" package actually ranks as the priciest package among digital TV offerings, it's also the highest in desirability after the various DTV packages. Sony Playstation Vue's "Access" option is about half the price of "Ultra," and not too far behind in desirability. In fact, "Access" falls between DTV's "Just Right" and "Live a Little." If DTV doesn't float your digital TV boat, Sony Playstation Vue could be for you.

Interestingly, Hulu Live TV comes in next after DTV and Sony Playstation Vue. It's followed by fubo TV, Sling Orange + Blue, YouTube TV, and Sling Blue. Then come Philo with 46 channels, Philo with 37 channels, and Sling Orange. Coming in with lowest price and desirability is CBS All Access. The comparisons between the packages (and measurement of desirability) aren't precise, as it's not really possible to quantify levels of enjoyment of TV per hour. The good news is that many digital platforms offer free trials, so you can always try different packages out before committing cash to any of them.

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