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The Twilight Zone CBS

After rumors of a resurgence for around a year now, CBS is finally ready to announce it's bringing back The Twilight Zone. The news on the reboot, which hit the web along with the word that comedian and Get Out director Jordan Peele would be heading it up about a month ago, has now officially been announced by CBS as it prepares the series for CBS All Access. The world will again get to witness another dimension of sight and sound, but this time it'll be on streaming!

CBS isn't saying much with regard to its reboot of The Twilight Zone, but we do know that the new version would be a modern re-imagining of the classic sci-fi series. Some may argue that Black Mirror already beat this reboot to the punch in doing that, although The Twilight Zone often deals with topics outside of the realm of technology, unlike Black Mirror. CBS notes that The Twilight Zone was known in its day for combining the worlds of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy to provide social commentary in a way never seen before, so it appears fans can at least expect some more of that.

It's fitting then that Jordan Peele, whose Get Out offered some of Hollywood's most successful mix of horror and social commentary this year, is behind the wheel of The Twilight Zone reboot. Get Out might be a little more intense than The Twilight Zone was back in the day, but CBS has proven they're willing to push its typically modest boundaries a bit on its streaming platform CBS All Access. If the streaming service allowed a Star Trek series to say "fuck," chances are it'll allow Jordan Peele the creative freedom to modernize the series in a way that's engaging and entertaining to a new audience.

Peele is not the only person telling the stories of The Twilight Zone reboot, as he is joined in executive producing duties by Simon Kinberg and Marco Ramirez. The three will work together on the premiere episode, and it had been previously reported that Marco Ramirez would serve as showrunner. The latest announcement doesn't reveal a showrunner, nor has it been established whether the series would have a "Choose Your Own Adventure" format that was teased almost a year ago. Obviously, things may have changed in the time since the "Choose Your Own Adventure" idea was floated, and it feels as though if a "Choose Your Own Adventure," series was in the works, it would've been mentioned in the press release. Only time will tell.

The Twilight Zone reboot is headed to CBS All Access but does not have a release date at this time. For more on other upcoming shows that will be worth checking out in the near future, be sure to check out our fall premiere rundown and midseason premiere schedule. For a look at some shows that might have been renewed in The Twilight Zone but got cancelled in our world, visit our cancellation guide.