Netflix's One Day At A Time Announced Season 2 Premiere By Recreating Original Opening Credits

While Fuller House is the rebooted classic sitcom Netflix typically gets a lot of shine for, it's not the only one. Netflix also has a modern revival of the mid-'70s to early '80s classic sitcom One Day At A Time running on its platform, and it just got a Season 2 premiere date. The cast of the new series revealed the news in a Netflix trailer, which features the actors from the revived show recreating the Season 2 opening credits of the original series:

It's a pretty accurate shot for shot remake of the Season 2 opener for One Day At A Time, although I would've forgiven any additional inconsistency that explained why Schneider is blow-drying the hammer. Is he about to hit something that's very cold? Is the hammer cold and he's warming it up for a better grip? While we may never receive answers regarding that mystery, Season 2 of the series now officially has a premiere date of January 26th. This is great news for fans since, prior to this video, the only thing that was known was that Season 2 was announced way back in March.

Given the differences between the current and the original, there are some slight tweaks that had to be made to make this recreation as accurate as possible. The most notable difference for modern One Day At A Time fans is the more upbeat Gloria Estefan take on "This Is It" has been switched out for the original version performed by Polly Cutter. The cast is also wearing some pretty amazing wigs that mimic the hairstyles of the original cast quite well. It's done so well in fact that someone who doesn't watch the show might think that's their actual hair! Finally, because it needs to be said, it's seriously impressive how well the cast was able to recreate those goofy dance moves. There are a couple of things that aren't exactly perfect, but, overall, they nailed it:

One Day At A Time returns to Netflix for Season 2 Friday, January 26. For shows that will be available to watch as the weeks wind down to its arrival, head on over to CinemaBlend's fall premiere guide. For other shows that are set to return or premiere in 2017, head on over to our midseason premiere guide and be treated to a smorgasbord of upcoming television. For a list of shows that took things "one day at a time," without it working out all that well for them, check out our cancellation guide which contains all of the major canceled shows of 2017.

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