Watch Zach Braff Read A Scrubs Monologue That Was Written By A Computer

While Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence is off creating a brand new comedy, some fans of the medical series are attempting to train robots to create more content for the series. Even if that does sound really cool, one has to wonder just how effective a computer program could be at writing a complex comedy like Scrubs and if it would even be good. Those currently wondering can now judge for themselves. Scrubs leading man Zach Braff recently performed a monologue for the show that was actually written by a machine. Check it out!

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The only thing more impressive than Zach Braff maintaining his composure throughout the entirety of this video is how his hair is able to maintain that perfect level of muss after all this time. As for the quality of that monologue, I think it's safe to say that technology hasn't quite caught up to nailing that special something it takes to write an acclaimed dramedy. Things really seemed off to a promising start with "The truth is," but then this monologue devolved from the typical life lesson J.D. used to dole out on Scrubs into some abstract poetry that just got strange at the end.

Hopefully, Zach Braff is able to get everyone from the cast on board sometime in the future to perform the whole computer-written script, as it's even more hilarious than the part that he just read. In this 4-page script, J.D. cuts a patient, Dr. Cox swallows a pen and coughs up Janitor, and Carla tells Elliot it's normal for married couples to have sex in a cemetery. Basically, if Scrubs got a revival but only as a live-action Adult Swim series, this would be the perfect pilot script.

Perhaps Scrubs was a little too complex of a television show for a computer to write. After all, the surreal daydream sequences of J.D. and others mixed with the real-life day-to-day of working in a hospital might be confusing to an artificial intelligence that can only be programmed to analyze the format of the show. While the execution wasn't the best, some credit is owed to the minds who created the technology that attempted this. The whole concept of a robot writing a television script almost sounds like something that would be seen in the series!

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