Could Scrubs Come Back For Another Season? Here's What Zach Braff Says


For TV fans wanting to return to familiar small screen universes, 2016 has been quite the booming year. Bookended by the the first two seasons of Netflix's Fuller House, 2016 also featured new episodes of Gilmore Girls and The X-FIles (among other comebacks), and it seems like there's no limit to what could or couldn't reappear in our lives. The latest show making headlines in that respect is the hit medical comedy Scrubs, as Zach Braff is playing amusingly coy about comeback possibilities.

You never know about making more Scrubs episodes. It's something we all talk about, especially now that all these people are going back and doing like Netflix versions of their shows. I'm very jealous of all this Gilmore Girls attention. And Full House. So we talk about it every now and then, so you never know. It could happen. I'd do it.

It's no surprise that Zach Braff would be willing to don the hospital duds for another go at Scrubs, since the role of John "J.D." Dorian has to be one of the more enjoyable TV parts to return to on a weekly basis. Sure, there's emotion, but it's like 80% funny lines, Sanford and Son theme interpretations and talking shit to the Janitor. I'm almost willing to pretend to be Zach Braff so that I can get a grassroots "Bring Scrubs Back" effort going, with me as the star! That might end in jail time, but anything to stick it to Dr. Cox.

Zach Braff shared his enthusiasm for more Scrubs (and subsequent envy of the Tanner-Fuller family) while taking part in a Twitter Q&A promoting his latest directorial effort, the star-studded new movie Going in Style. And it would have been one thing had he gotten this answer out and then completely faded away from existence, never to return again. (Not the most likely event.) But he stoked the fan fire again at a later point, again on Twitter.

Braff is treating us all like his personal interns, toying with our emotions while never exactly telling us what we want or need to hear! Hollywood pragmatism says there's the slightest of chances this actually pans out at some point, but it's not altogether impossible. Most of the cast members are working, but not necessarily on things that would render role reprisals impossible. (Although Braff did just set up a comedy at ABC (home of Scrubs), but it's still in its early stages.) It's not a stretch to think they might all still be talking about, since creator Bill Lawrence is known for keeping close relationships with this shows' stars, which is why several Scrubs actors were involved with Cougar Town in different capacities. We need something to wipe the ghost of a memory of that blah final season out of our minds.

I mean, when 2014 started, I don't know that anyone truly thought we would get to see Kimmy Gibbler and Sookie St. James back on our TVs in new ways. So it could happen, but we likely won't hear anything else about a potential Scrubs revival for a while unless somebody starts hitting up John C. McGinley about it on the set of IFC's Stan Against Evil. While we sit waiting and narrating our own lives, you can head to our midseason premiere schedule to see all the things that are guaranteed to show up when 2017 rolls around.

Nick Venable
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