Two Surprise Arrow-verse Characters Who Will Apparently Get Earth-X Versions In The Big Crossover

Arrow-verse fans are less than a week out from the mega-crossover "Crisis On Earth-X," and despite all the footage and pictures that have hit the web, The CW still has more exciting reveals to tease folks with! Specifically, it appears as if two previously seen DC characters will make previously unannounced appearances to challenge our heroes, and there's definitely reason to get excited. The CW's latest promo photo for the event teased the Earth-X versions of Red Tornado and Metallo in the midst of all the chaos.

It appears as though Earth-X is bringing out even more big guns than we expected in this brawl, and the Arrow-verse team is in for a world of hurt if Metallo is involved with the Earth-X squad. Then again, the Metallo we've previously seen in Supergirl wasn't all that bright and actually ended up killing himself, so perhaps Kara can once again make quick work of him. If she does, look for her to force him to utilize that Kryptonite beam to the fullest extent, in hopes that this Earth-X variant will foolishly explode his body as well. If it ain't broke...

If that weren't enough, there's also Red Tornado, whose allegiance in the crossover will be an interesting factor, despite being shown on the villain's side in the poster. Red Tornado, whose power should be pretty self explanatory, has been both a villain and a hero in DC lore, and when he first appeared on Supergirl, he wasn't really a good guy or a bad guy, merely fighting for self-preservation when his arm was ripped off. As such, it's hard to say what his Earth-X opposite counterpart will be fighting for. Given that The Ray and Citizen Cold will be arriving from Earth-X to assist the Earth-1 heroes in combatting the cross-dimensional villains, perhaps Red Tornado is actually with them, or can be swayed to join their side. Guys, I just want really want him to be a hero here!

If The CW can sneak those two characters into this image without previously mentioning them, is it possible that there are other reveals to be found as well? For example, why is everyone in the respective factions facing each other except for Sara and Dark Flash? Could there be some betrayal in the works with those characters? More likely, it just probably made for visual variety, but keep a sharp eye on both characters when the crossover starts, just in case.

The Arrow-verse mega crossover "Crisis On Earth-X" kicks off on The CW with Supergirl on Monday, November 27, at 8:00 p.m. ET, with Arrow's installment right behind it at 9:00 p.m. ET. The fun will conclude with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow installments on Tuesday, November 28, at 8:00 p.m. ET and 9 p.m. ET. For more on upcoming fall programming be sure to hit up our fall premiere guide, or get an early start on 2018 television with our midseason premiere guide. For a list of shows that were unable to escape 2017 with a new season, head on over to our cancellation guide and mourn the best and the worst shows it has to offer.

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