Why Joe's House Could Become Important To The Flash's Battle With The Thinker

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Season 4 of The Flash kicked off with a Barry Allen who was spouting what seemed an awful lot like gibberish after he was yanked out of the Speed Force. That gibberish has had some unexpected relevance throughout the season so far, however, and we can bet that more revelations are in store. "This house is bitchin'" has been one of the lines referenced throughout Season 4 of The Flash, and it's enough to make fans of the series wonder what's going on with it. Why does this bizarre line keep popping up? While we don't know for sure, it's possible the line is teasing Joe's house has some importance in Barry's battle with The Thinker.

After all, The Flash has to have a greater purpose for the line considering how often it's been referenced since Cisco first deciphered Barry's message. What makes it all the more interesting is that most times a character has said the line, it's typically been in reference to Joe's house in which both Barry and Iris grew up in. Even Dominic (who is currently The Thinker) has referenced the line, which could indicate that he too knows something is up with this house.

Could The Flash be leading to the reveal that Joe's house will be the setting of the big Season 4 climax? Will the final battle between the Barry and the Thinker go down in the residence? We can't say for sure, but we already know from Savitar that the cerebral inhibitor is a key element to defeating Clifford DeVoe, yet no one has set about developing a new one. Could "This house is bitchin'" reference the fact that a key piece to creating the futuristic-sounding device is hidden somewhere inside the house?

That sounds like an astronomical stretch without explanation, but there's definitely something screwy happening in The Flash. Beyond the fact that Barry seemingly predicted his arrest for the murder of Clifford DeVoe in the premiere, there's also that mysterious caterer from the crossover that seemed to know Barry a little too well. There's been speculation that this character could be Barry's future daughter, who would have traveled back in time considering Iris isn't even pregnant yet. While that hasn't been revealed, Barry did make a reference to needing more diapers in his post-Speed Force delirium, which led many to speculate that he and Iris could be expected one or more children soon.

Historically, Barry and Iris have twins in the comics, which could leave one child unaccounted for while one was playing hostess at the Allen wedding. Although the show has done little to tease it, it's possible that even as this twin was watching the party, the other was placing the future tech in Joe's house in a spot that wouldn't be obvious to The Thinker. If true and The Flash crew manages to find this device before the villain, it would certainly explain why the house is "bitchin'" as well as how this device could appear in the latter half of Season 4 considering no one at S.T.A.R. labs has even begun to conceive it.

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