How The Blacklist's Midseason Premiere Will Be Different From Other Episodes

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When fans of The Blacklist last saw Elizabeth Keen, she was in a bad way. Not only did Liz learn that her husband Tom was now dead, but she had the added trauma of learning she had been in a coma for 10 months. With that in mind, series creator and executive producer Jon Bokenkamp revealed that the midseason premiere of Season 5 will be far different from usual episodes in some key ways. Bokenkamp stated The Blacklist returns this way:

When we come back, we find Elizabeth Keen in a very strange and unexpected place -- she's no longer a wife, no longer working for the FBI task force, she's essentially living an entirely new life. Additionally, there's also no Blacklister in this next episode. Instead, it's like its own little movie and unlike anything we've done in the series thus far.

As Jon Bokenkamp stated, the midseason premiere won't be a typical Blacklist episode. Instead, this Season 5 episode of the series sounds similar in tone to the Season 3 episode "Cape May," which was the first time the series titled an episode anything other than the name of someone on Raymond Reddington's blacklist. It sounds like an apt comparison to make considering that episode featured Reddington mourning what he thought was Liz's death and this episode will feature Liz coping with the loss of Tom. Regardless of how similar the two episodes may be, Bokenkamp made it clear in his quote to EW that fans should be prepared for a change of pace.

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The episode will show Liz out of the hospital and walking with a cane (as seen above), although it's unknown exactly how much time has passed since Liz woke from the coma. We can probably safely say that the episode won't entirely take place directly after she wakes, given the extent of her injuries even if she is up and about. Knowing that Liz is well enough to be out of the hospital in the midseason premiere makes the spin that she's no longer involved with the F.B.I. taskforce all the more interesting. Even with her injury, one would think the F.B.I. would find a desk job for her to continue to contribute if she still wishes to. Then again, we've already know Liz is out for blood in avenging Tom's death, and it's possible her choice not to realign is tied to a lust for revenge by any means possible.

The revenge is likely coming, but fans will first see a very different episode of The Blacklist when it returns to NBC Wednesday, January 3 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Those wishing to see what days other great shows will be returning to television will find out upon visiting CinemaBlend's midseason premiere guide. Those still clinging on to 2017 and wishing to see what television remains can visit the fall premiere guide. Anyone interested in shows canceled in the past year should visit our cancellation guide.

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