Mindhunter Celebrated Christmas With A Strange Ed Kemper Video

With Mindhunter getting an official Season 2 renewal right at the end of November, Christmas indeed came early for die-hard lovers of the acclaimed crime drama, as well as those who just love good television in general. Though the series' great news had come even before the start of December, it looks like the crew still wished to celebrate and make fans smile. Mindhunter shared a strange Christmas video featuring actor Cameron Britton portraying the captivating Ed Kemper going in on an egg salad sandwich:

For those trying their best to emulate Holden Ford and Bill Tench in figuring out the "hidden meaning" behind this weird-ass Christmas video, the YouTube description will help greatly. According to said description, Ed Kemper is enjoying his Christmas dinner at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville. For those that skipped down to the explanation before watching the end of the video: he indeed finished the sandwich.

It appears even someone as naughty as Mindhunter's Ed Kemper doesn't have to settle for the tuna sandwich on Christmas. For those that might not remember, Ed was a big fan of the egg-salad sandwich in Season 1, and even managed to make Holden try one during a visit. It's a great reference to the series, for sure, but why exactly did Netflix decide to put this particular video out there in celebrating Christmas?

Perhaps this is for anyone with a morbid sense of humor looking to pull a prank on anyone who watches digital yule logs during the holidays? It's a little short to be incredibly effective in that sense, although it's about as long as any video of someone eating a sandwich has any right to be. Perhaps Netflix could've spiced things up by having Ed share one of his typically captivating stories like he did in Mindhunter, although that probably wouldn't be a tale that would've gotten anyone who watched in the holiday spirit.

While definitely a weird one, the Mindhunter tribute wasn't the only strange video Netflix decided to share with the web this holiday season. Many more original shows got some love in a video that showed The Crown's Claire Foy addressing the cast of many Netflix shows with a warm Christmas greeting:

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