Why The Crown Cut A Royal Sex Scene Out Of Season 2

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Those who watch The Crown on Netflix know that the show about England's current royal family is typically very chaste. Well, it turns out that the good folks behind the series strongly considered having an actual, good, old-fashioned sex scene in Season 2, but they cut it out. And, now we know why. According to actress Vanessa Kirby, who plays Princess Margaret and would have been one of the subjects of the said filmed sexy times, they just couldn't quite fathom having royal nudity on the show. Here's what she had to say:

We had a big debate on whether to show royal boob or not. We decided they don't want to see royal boob, thank God...There was originally a sex scene between Margaret and Antony that was supposed to be really important for her to finally meet her man, come together with him. It wasn't raunchy at all in the end, it was respectful.

Aw, man. Come on, people who make The Crown! One of the main reasons people get so into this whole royal family business (especially those who live in countries without royalty) is the supposed romance of it all. And, you know what goes well with all things romantical? SEX. Also, a big drawing point for audiences who watch The Crown is that we get to see the royal family as real people with problems, ambitions and desires. Can you guess what tons of real people desire? That's right...SEX.

Now, I, and many fans of The Crown, totally understand the need to be careful in regards to stories about the royal family. But, it's not like we're sitting at home thinking all those kids they have are virgin births. We know they're having hot, royal boot-knocking sessions in their castles, mansions, fancy country homes, private planes and whatnot. Plus, when Vanessa Kirby spoke to a group of reporters at a Netflix press day (via Hello Giggles), she noted that the scene they originally had planned was, indeed, "respectful" and likely filled with the most tasteful shots of "royal boob" people have ever seen.

This sounds like a big wasted opportunity to me. Season 2 of The Crown will see Princess Margaret finally get her man in the form of Antony Armstrong-Jones (Matthew Goode). This relationship will be a big deal for Margaret, because she spent all of Season 1 either pining for the married Group Captain Peter Townsend, having a secret affair with him or lamenting the fact that her sister, Queen Elizabeth, wouldn't give her royal blessing to let them marry once he finally divorced his first wife. So, going into this season, Margaret needs a romantic win, and it would have been nice for fans to get an actual glimpse of her and Antony coming together, as Kirby put it.

Well, if you'd like to watch Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones not have sex on The Crown, all of Season 2 is available now on Netflix. For the rest of what's available currently (or soon) on your televisions, check out our fall premiere guide, holiday movie schedule, 2017 Netflix premiere guide and 2018 midseason premiere guide. If none of your favorites are on those lists, be sure to look into our 2017 cancellation guide, and check out The Cord Cutter Podcast to get the latest on everything streaming.

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