The Awesome Way Doctor Who Handled Its Latest Regeneration

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Christmas episode of Doctor Who! Read at your own risk!

Peter Capaldi finally said farewell to the Doctor in the Christmas special "Twice Upon A Time," and when it came time for his final bow, Doctor Who handled it in epic fashion. After a heartwarming adventure with the First Doctor that tied the past to present perfectly, the present Doctor accepted his regeneration over death and went back into the TARDIS. Resigned but not wishing to go quietly, Capaldi capped things off with a farewell speech addressing the next iteration of the Doctor in a scene so amazing that only watching it will do justice. Take a look!

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After advising his future self to avoid cruelty, cowardice, and pears, Peter Capaldi glowed with that patented bright light that so many Doctors have glowed just before showing a new face. As far as farewell speeches go, Capaldi delivered one of the better ones for the Doctor in recent memory. As opposed to choosing to focus or draw attention to himself, Capaldi instead used his final words as instruction perhaps to inspire his successor. Hopefully, Jodie Whittaker takes them to heart as she begins her stint as Doctor Who's new Doctor.

Unfortunately, Jodie Whittaker's Doctor didn't quite have enough time to laugh hard, run fast, or really do much of anything. After one press of a button, the TARDIS went into chaos and launched her out of the time-traveling machine and into space. That's obviously not the best way to kick things off, but the Doctor has never really had time to ease into a regeneration, so it went about as well as can be expected. Suffice it to say that the Doctor's been in tough situations before, so Doctor Who fans shouldn't count out Jodie Whittaker's Doctor yet just because she made the rookie mistake of falling out the door.

The Doctor faced lot of problems throughout the episode and in those final minutes, but hopefully not many fans will have any issues with the new appearance. In fact, one can think the Doctor's reaction of "Oh, brilliant!" must mean she rather likes the fact that she's swapped genders this time around! Considering the Doctor was jazzed about having new kidneys (minus the color) shortly after the last regeneration, Doctor Who fans probably shouldn't be all that shocked at the amusement that this Doctor may have over the fact she's now a little different from the incarnations of the past.

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