Narcos Season 4 Just Added An Arrow-verse Villain, But Who Is He Playing?

Heading into the highly anticipated Season 4, Netflix's international crime drama Narcos is gearing up for an across-the-board reset, with both a location change and a cast overhaul. Targeting a new set of historically influenced bad guys upping the drug game, Narcos Season 4 is also bringing in new blood for the good guys as well, and CinemaBlend has confirmed The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow vet Matt Letscher is the newest cast member. But who will he play?

Having played various versions of Eobard "Reverse-Flash" Thawne for the past few years, Matt Letscher knows quite a bit about making life a living hell for heroes, but the actor's trip into the past for Narcos Season 4 doesn't require any metahuman time travel. Though an early report claimed that Letscher would be part of a new team of DEA agents and Columbian police offers looking to curb the ever-increasing drug trafficking problems plaguing Mexico, a Narcos rep denied that description's legitimacy. So at this point, we're not quite sure what the actor will be up to, but he doesn't exactly fit the description for traditional higher-ups in Mexican cartels.

Though the first two seasons of Narcos centered on the rise and fall of Wagner Moura's crime lord Pablo Escobar, Season 3 shifted focus to his successors in the Cali cartel through the mid-1990s, with Pablo Pascal's Javier Pena serving as the connective tissue. Season 4, meanwhile, will bring Pascal back to take on the Guadalajara cartel in Mexico City. That means not only a time-jump back to the '70s and '80s, but also the introduction of several other new characters, to be played by Ant-Man's Michael Peña and Rogue One's Diego Luna. Both of those actors' lineages go back to Mexico, so they could clearly fit into any segment of the show's population. But the same can't really be said for Letscher, so our money is on him playing some kind of government figure.

While he might currently be best known for wearing form-fitting costumes as a classic comic book villain, Matt Letscher has been a TV mainstay for over two decades. Having starred in such shows as Good Morning, Miami, Eli Stone and The Carrie Diaries -- not to mention his role as Joe Kennedy in Boardwalk Empire -- Letscher will no doubt keep building his TV career during and beyond his time on Narcos. He's not set to return to the Arrow-verse anytime soon, but we're hoping for some good news on that front in the future.

Currently, all three seasons of Narcos are available to stream on Netflix, though we're pretty sure everyone reading this has already burned through those seasons at least once already. Season 4 is currently filming, and it's expected to debut on the streaming service later in 2018. (Probably in August or September, going off of past seasons.) To see what shows everyone will be able to dig into in the meantime, such as all The CW's returning Arrow-verse series, head to our 2018 Netflix schedule and our midseason premiere schedule.

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