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Next Wednesday, Law & Order: SVU will air its take on one of the biggest news stories of 2017. The episode, which is titled "Flight Risk," will tell a story that mimics a sexual assault incident very similar to the allegations lodged against Harvey Weinstein and others in Hollywood. A promo for the episode has hit the web prior to its premiere, and fans can get a first look at what should be a harrowing episode below:

Law & Order: SVU called on actors Martin Donovan and Yasmine Al Massri to help tell the story of "Flight Risk," which depicts a sexual assault happening between an airline pilot and his co-pilot. The episode description details that Barba will convene a Grand Jury to determine the pilot's complicity in the crime, and hopefully, justice will be served. The promo shows the story is a bit different than the actual Harvey Weinstein controversy, but executive producer Michael Chernuchin has assured audiences there are many similarities between the two. Chernuchin stated the episode draws attention to a "boys club," that exists in the airline industry, and remarked the experience is very similar to what women actresses go through in Hollywood.

Law & Order: SVU was already working on the episode when the news about Harvey Weinstein broke last year, which may be one of the reasons why it doesn't take place in Hollywood. It's not an episode directly lifted from the headlines, but the storytelling exemplifies a type of relevancy the show is trying to maintain in order to beat Law & Order's 20 season record as longest running series in the franchise. If Law & Order: SVU can continue to write about controversies before they unfold and show them to viewers in a timely manner, NBC will have a hard time justifying not giving the series a Season 20 renewal.

With more sexual assault accusations surfacing every day, it's hard to imagine a scenario where Law & Order: SVU doesn't cover a more Hollywood-centric sexual assault story in the future. For now, television audiences will get a glimpse at how similar situations like this play out in the legal system, and perhaps get some answers regarding some of the questions they've had about the recent string of sexual assault accusations.

Law & Order: SVU airs on NBC Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. For a look at some other shows that are premiering on television now or in the coming weeks, be sure to head over to our midseason premiere guide. Those who may have missed a couple episodes of SVU prior to next week's episode may want to catch up, as last week's episode was another heart-pounding adventure in which Olivia's son Noah went missing.